Mother Teresa Canonization Announced: Pilgrimage in 2016

Jubilee of Mercy

Your Jubilee Year pilgrimage should be a marvelous spiritual experience with prayer and worship and daily Mass at holy sites.  Join the Steve and Janet on one of their many pilgrimages planned in Rome and other biblical lands during the Year of Mercy!

Not a Cookie-Cutter Pilgrimage

If you are planning to go on a Pilgrimage to Biblical Lands you should choose the best.

If you are looking for the best value, personal service, hassle-free travel, a deeply Catholic experience, great food and adventure—then you’ve come to the right place.


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Some Amazing Feedback

By STEVE RAY on 26-Jan-2015
There are no words to fully express what The Footprints of God Pilgrimage meant to us. Throughout the days and nights we spent with you and our fellow..

Letter from a pilgrim priest

By STEVE RAY on 13-Jan-2015
Dear Steve, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for such a wonderful experience in the Holy Land. It has already been a tremendous source of j..

Bishop James Conley's Letter

By STEVE RAY on 21-Nov-2014
Bishop Conley, Diocese of Lincoln NE, joined us on a Saint Paul Cruise and had this to say: "I write to express my gratitude to you and Janet..

Interview with Steve Ray

By STEVE RAY on 02-Jul-2014
Interview from Ever wish Indiana Jones had been a Catholic apologist? Well, look no further! Meet Steve Ray, national speaker (htt..

Feedback from Holy Land Pilgrims

By STEVE RAY on 13-May-2014
The knowledge - scriptural, historical, archeological and political - enhanced such a grace-filled journey into the Holy Land. We each encountered..

Featured in the National Catholic Register

By STEVE RAY on 22-Mar-2014
~By Robyn Lee~ Three short months before my best friend was to be married, we boarded a plane — with two other single college friends &mda..

Safe in Israel

We would never take anyone into harm's way!

It always amazes us when people who would visit Chicago, or St. Louis will claim that Israel is unsafe

I don't know anyone who's afraid afraid to fly into Chicago to see the sights or visit friends. But let four Jewish rabbis get murdered in a synagogue in Jerusalem and it makes headlines all over the world and everyone panics about flying into Tel Aviv, the safest airport in the world. Read my letter about safety in the Holy Land that compares the safety in Jerusalem with Chicago.

You can watch also watch a 2 minute video what is waiting for you as a pilgrim..

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Comments & Testimonials
We chose the Footprints of God pilgrimage largely on the basis of the footage we'd seen in the Holy Land DVD series that Steve has produced...we were not disappointed. Steve of course provided the wealth of knowledge that one would expect from watching any of his DVDs. The local guide with whom he and Janet work expanded that already-excellent historical and biblical background even more. The guide is a wonderful Christian man from Nazareth whose family presence in the area extends back many generations. Furthermore, he has undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and focused his advanced educational studies upon the areas we visited...I'm sure we would have been hard-pressed to duplicate in any other tour operator there.

Steve arranged many excellent "add ons" that no other tour group would have provided: High Mass before the Holy Sepulcher, and audience with the Patriarch of Jerusalem's Latin Patriarchate, Mass every day at other wonderful sites, and meals at unique settings (e.g. at a Bethlehem restaurant, in a Druze village, and in Jericho). We even had the occasion to run as a group -- for those who wanted to do so that is -- around the wall at Jerusalem.

Brian Warn