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Interview with Steve Ray

By STEVE RAY on 02-Jul-2014
Interview from BeautyInBelief.com: Ever wish Indiana Jones had been a Catholic apologist? Well, look no further! Meet Steve Ray, national speaker (htt..

Feedback from Holy Land Pilgrims

By STEVE RAY on 13-May-2014
The knowledge - scriptural, historical, archeological and political - enhanced such a grace-filled journey into the Holy Land. We each encountered..

Featured in the National Catholic Register

By STEVE RAY on 22-Mar-2014
~By Robyn Lee~ Three short months before my best friend was to be married, we boarded a plane — with two other single college friends &mda..

Terrible News in Egypt

By STEVE RAY on 18-Feb-2014
The news of an attack in Eygpt by a muslim suicide bomb on a group of South Korean pilgrim bus is terrible, and our prayers go out for victims and..

Newest Comment from last pilgrimage

By STEVE RAY on 13-Sep-2013
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you just how much we appreciated our trip with you! This Pilgrimage far exceeded our expectations! ..

Canonization Date Unofficially announced

By STEVE RAY on 10-Sep-2013
In classic Pope Francis style, the pontiff has released the planned date of the Canonization date for Pope JP2. Join us on our pilgrimage to Rome ..

Safe in Israel

Watch this video from Steve's September pilgrimage. 

You'll see the daily life in Jerusalem and the comments about safety from the pilgrims after 8 days on the ground. 

You can watch the video HERE.

In addition to their own experiences, Steve stays in close touch with his friends and associates in the Holy Land.

Even at the height of the USA's media frenzy during the heaviest fighting in the 2014 summer months Steve asked for an honest assessment of the situation. Here is a one of the many positive replies:

Jerusalem: "Dear Steve: Fr. Kelly here from the Notre Dame Center. So far, all our pilgrims throughout the entire summer have been able to visit the Holy Land sites according to the regular routine. The only change has been that they did not have to wait in long lines to get in to see the most sought after locations as registered people have opted not to come.

But in reality the normal itinerary for the pilgrims has practically not been affected. It is wonderful seeing each of these pilgrims being so blessed and only sad to realize that others lost this opportunity of grace for their lives, due to the understandable but poorly founded fear of coming! Our pilgrims, after experiencing how a pilgrimage runs so peacefully here in recent weeks, often lament that their friends really made this mistake of canceling!!

We thank you and all your pilgrims, past and future, for their prayers for the Holy Land that men of violence may lay down their weapons and work to share this blessed Land together, a treasure for all of humanity."

Greetings to Janet and all your family & team!
Blessings Fr. Eamon Kelly, Papal Appointee at Notre Dame Center

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Comments & Testimonials
Jim and I chose the Legatus pilgrimage to the Holy Land precisely because Steve Ray was leading it. He exceeded our expectations in his comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures and especially in his love for the traditions of the early Church. Steve not only teaches with great passion and insight, but his love for the truths of the faith was palpable. Steve and Janet made sure that we saw as much as possible of the holy sites where Jesus and Mary lived and walked, and made their presence alive for us. We were privileged to have Mass every day at one of the holy sites. We also made the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem, an emotional experience, despite the hustle and bustle of the city.

We are still sharing our memories and blessings with our family and friends. We already have friends who are ready to take the next trip with Steve and Janet, based upon our recommendations. It was a five-star experience in every way!
Jim & Cathy McConn, Legatus members