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You've heard this voice before as the Host of Catholic Answers Live®, listen to Patrick Coffin's invitation to join him on our Ireland pilgrimage.


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Interview with Steve Ray

By STEVE RAY on 02-Jul-2014
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Feedback from Holy Land Pilgrims

By STEVE RAY on 13-May-2014
The knowledge - scriptural, historical, archeological and political - enhanced such a grace-filled journey into the Holy Land. We each encountered..

Featured in the National Catholic Register

By STEVE RAY on 22-Mar-2014
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Terrible News in Egypt

By STEVE RAY on 18-Feb-2014
The news of an attack in Eygpt by a muslim suicide bomb on a group of South Korean pilgrim bus is terrible, and our prayers go out for victims and..

Newest Comment from last pilgrimage

By STEVE RAY on 13-Sep-2013
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you just how much we appreciated our trip with you! This Pilgrimage far exceeded our expectations! ..

Canonization Date Unofficially announced

By STEVE RAY on 10-Sep-2013
In classic Pope Francis style, the pontiff has released the planned date of the Canonization date for Pope JP2. Join us on our pilgrimage to Rome ..

Israel and Gaza

Some of Steve Ray's Thoughts Regarding the Ongoing Unrest. 

Israel and Gaza are making the news again...

Israel and Gaza are making the news. I am certain pilgrims will begin to wonder if it is safe to go to the Holy Land.

A few points to relax the fears and apprehensions. Janet and I have been to Israel and the surrounding countries over 130 times and we have seen as much as you can see. We have never felt unsafe or in harm’s way. We are cautious but not fearful and we are watching the current situation closely. We are also keeping in close touch with our friends, contacts and associates on the ground in the Holy Land.

First, this is nothing new. Many times we have been planning a trip and these flare-ups happen with Gaza or Lebanon. Every time it is ended in a matter of days or weeks.

Second, Israel is right now making surgical strikes to eliminate the missiles and their storage. Hamas no longer has Egypt supplying so once Israel incapacitates them it'll be a long time before they can restock.

Third, Gaza is still far removed from holy sites we will visit though so of the rockets are reaching closer to Jerusalem. The missiles are not striking areas that we visit. There have been no casualties in Israel. They have a superb anti-mistake defense system.

Fourth, from time to time the State Department issues or updates Travel Warnings. We have noted that the State Department has not issued a status change since February 3, 2014.

Fifth, we would never take anyone into harm’s way so we're watching this carefully. We will stay in touch. Our trips are still scheduled to depart to go because we expect this to be over soon.

Six, there are never long periods of peace in the Middle East. If people wait for all of the neighbors to be showering rose petals in Israel they will never go to the Holy Land.

So we will pray, watch, be wise, and continue to plan for the pilgrimage. Feel free to call Suzanne 1(313) 744-2530 and ask for my cell phone number if you are registered for an upcoming Holy Land pilgrimage and want to discuss this further. God bless and see you in the Land of our Lord and Lady.

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Watch the Footprints of God Pilgrimages Promo Video
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We chose the Footprints of God pilgrimage largely on the basis of the footage we'd seen in the Holy Land DVD series that Steve has produced...we were not disappointed. Steve of course provided the wealth of knowledge that one would expect from watching any of his DVDs. The local guide with whom he and Janet work expanded that already-excellent historical and biblical background even more. The guide is a wonderful Christian man from Nazareth whose family presence in the area extends back many generations. Furthermore, he has undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and focused his advanced educational studies upon the areas we visited...I'm sure we would have been hard-pressed to duplicate in any other tour operator there.

Steve arranged many excellent "add ons" that no other tour group would have provided: High Mass before the Holy Sepulcher, and audience with the Patriarch of Jerusalem's Latin Patriarchate, Mass every day at other wonderful sites, and meals at unique settings (e.g. at a Bethlehem restaurant, in a Druze village, and in Jericho). We even had the occasion to run as a group -- for those who wanted to do so that is -- around the wall at Jerusalem.

Brian Warn