What do all these people have in common?

ANSWER: They all traveled with us.

Hear the experiences below


—Most Reverend Earl Boyea

This trip had three buses because Ignatius Press wanted a big group to take all their employees and friends. The trip sold out months before the trip. Great time was had by all. Not one complaint but a thousand compliments.

—Fr. Mark Mary

—Great for My Kids

Fr. Larry joined us on a Saint Paul Cruise!!

—Fr. Larry Richards

—Brought Me to New Levels of Faith

Here we are on the last day of the most awesome pilgrimage ever. And I want to thank Steve and Janet Ray and the whole team. Every day was just blessings, blessings and more blessings.

—Dr. Scott Hahn

—Steve and Therese Merrick

—Encourage You to Go on the Trip

—Tony Ryan

—Fr. Nicholas

—It Will Change Your Life

—More than I Could Have Expected

—Once in a Lifetime Event

—Renewing Wedding Vows in Isreal Was Powerful

—Archbishop Lucas of Omaha Nebraska


—Carl F. Mengeling

—Absolutely Incredible

—Steve Knows Everything about the Holy Land

—Mark Brumley

HL Endorsement letter

—Denny Dankoski

Jesse Romero’s first time in the Holy Land…and he trusted Footprints of God to lead him and his wife through these holy places.

—Jesse & Anita Romero

Fr. Matt Russick, TOR

—Fr. Matthew Russick, TOR

All the things we’ve seen on this trip have made the gospels come alive.

—Richard Landy

Hello Stephen and Janet,

I just had to write a short note to the most wonderful folks I have ever met.  It has been over 10 years now, but I will never forget every day spent with both of you and all the great pilgrims on the first pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2005.

 My brother and I applaud the blessed work the two of you do to bring thousands of pilgrims to the lands where our Lord walked. I go to your sites on the internet from time to time to keep abreast of your “work.”

 May God bless both of you, Eddie


Fr. Gregory M. Plow, T.O.R.

—Fr. Gregory M. Plow, T.O.R.

These people really loved the trip.


“Traveling with Steve and Janet Ray to the Holy Land was a thoroughly delightful experience. Their knowledge of the Holy Land, the Scriptures, and their love for the Roman Catholic Church was engaging and inspiring. I would happily recommend any of their pilgrimages. With their guidance, you will be blessed!”

—Bishop Kemme of Wichita Kansas