Family Holy Land Pilgrimage During Christmas Break

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This pilgrimage has a whole new itinerary designed for families with children. We'll be visiting the place where David slew Goliath and practicing with our own slings. Jeep ride through the desert where Jesus was tempted. Dinner in a Bedouin tent dressed as shepherds. Look for coins in the mouth of your fish at the Sea of Galilee.

Pilgrimage Details

Location: Holy Land
Pilgrimage Date: 26-Dec-201404-Jan-2015
Price Per Person:
* See brochure for complete details.

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This unique pilgrimage will have many some new excursions that families are sure to enjoy, and we will still visit the classic Holy Sites that our normal Holy Land pilgrimages include.

Some of the highlights include:
The Valley of Elah, where David slew Goliath.
A Jeep ride through the Judean wilderness where the devil tempted Jesus.
Dinner in a Bedouin tent dressed as shepherds.
Looking for coins in the mouth of a fish from the Sea of Galilee. 

There is already great interest in this pilgrimage among some families that have traveled with us in the past. Call Suzanne and Jean for more information: 800-727-1999x121

Pilgrimage Travel Map

Let Steve & Janet lead you through the Lands of the Bible—just like in the Footprints of God movies! They’ve been to Israel and other Biblical lands over 100 times filming, exploring & leading pilgrimages. Join them on this spiritually enriching, biblical adventure!