Holy Land *PART 2*
Digging Deeper

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If you've been to the Holy Land before you've seen the highlights, now for the first time we are calling you back with a whole new itinerary to see what you've missed.

This pilgrimage takes you to all new sites. Learn to Sling a stone in the Elah Valley where David slew Goliath. Climb Mt. Muhraka where Elijah called down fire. Drink water like Jesus from the well in Samaria. Visit more locations around Galilee where Jesus taught. And much more...

Pilgrimage Details

Location: A whole new set of locations in Israel. Group size is limited.
Pilgrimage Date: 26-Jan-201605-Feb-2016
Price Per Person:
* See brochure for complete details.

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Some of the new places you'll see:
  • Elah Valley where David slew Goliath 
  • Jacob's well
  • Acre (Acco) Crusader city on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Caesarea Maritime Ancient Roman city
  • Bethsaida
  • Kursi
  • Muracka

Pilgrimage Travel Map

Let Steve & Janet lead you through the Lands of the Bible—just like in the Footprints of God movies! They’ve been to Israel and other Biblical lands over 100 times filming, exploring & leading pilgrimages. Join them on this spiritually enriching, biblical adventure!