Upcoming Pilgrimages

CHRISTMAS BREAK<br />Holy Land Pilgrimage
26-Dec-2014 — 04-Jan-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />February 2015
11-Feb-2015 — 20-Feb-2015
Avila, Lourdes, Fatima, Salamanca & Segovia
08-Apr-2015 — 18-Apr-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />May 2015
11-May-2015 — 20-May-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />September 2015
23-Sep-2015 — 02-Oct-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />November 2015
14-Nov-2015 — 23-Nov-2015
2016 Upcoming Pilgrimages
01-Jan-2016 — 31-Dec-2016

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Comments & Testimonials
Steve and Janet We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful Holy Land Pilgrimage you hosted. Your careful planning and canny implementation gave us so much more than we expected. Spiritually, of course, but also historically, contextually, culturally both old and new, politically, and with lots of fun, too. Amer and his staff, Olivia, and our fellow pilgrims made this short time together a whole lot bigger and memorable than anything we have ever done.  Thomas Sands