Upcoming Pilgrimages

Avila, Lourdes, Fatima, Salamanca & Segovia
08-Apr-2015 — 18-Apr-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />May 2015
11-May-2015 — 20-May-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />November 2015
14-Nov-2015 — 23-Nov-2015
2016 Upcoming Pilgrimages
01-Jan-2016 — 31-Dec-2016

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Comments & Testimonials
We just wanted to thank you once more for the special financial consideration you gave us for the Holy Land pilgrimage. Your generosity was a major factor in our huge leap of faith to commit to the tour, as we felt it was a sign that God just wanted us to trust Him to provide for us. Soon after we arrived in Israel, it quickly became obvious that the trip was a priceless investment in eternity for our family, with the graces and spiritual impact to continue long after the final day of the pilgrimage. The Zieminskis