Upcoming Pilgrimages

Pope John Paul II Canonization --FULL---
24-Apr-2014 — 01-May-2014
Holy Land Pilgrimage --FULL--
27-Apr-2014 — 06-May-2014
2014-08-31 Holy Land Pilgrimage
31-Aug-2014 — 09-Sep-2014
Pilgrimage to Ireland
29-Sep-2014 — 08-Oct-2014
2015 Upcoming Pilgrimages
26-Dec-2014 — 01-Dec-2015
Avila, Lourdes, Fatima, Salamanca & Segovia
08-Apr-2015 — 18-Apr-2015

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Comments & Testimonials
Jim and I chose the Legatus pilgrimage to the Holy Land precisely because Steve Ray was leading it. He exceeded our expectations in his comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures and especially in his love for the traditions of the early Church. Steve not only teaches with great passion and insight, but his love for the truths of the faith was palpable. Steve and Janet made sure that we saw as much as possible of the holy sites where Jesus and Mary lived and walked, and made their presence alive for us. We were privileged to have Mass every day at one of the holy sites. We also made the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem, an emotional experience, despite the hustle and bustle of the city.

We are still sharing our memories and blessings with our family and friends. We already have friends who are ready to take the next trip with Steve and Janet, based upon our recommendations. It was a five-star experience in every way!
Jim & Cathy McConn, Legatus members