Upcoming Pilgrimages

Vocation Boom! <br />Holy Land Pilgrimage
28-Dec-2015 — 06-Jan-2016
Holy Land *PART 2*<br />Digging Deeper
26-Jan-2016 — 05-Feb-2016
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />March 2016
30-Mar-2016 — 08-Apr-2016
2016 Other Upcoming Pilgrimages
01-Jan-2016 — 31-Dec-2016

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Comments & Testimonials
John and I had such an extraordinary experience traveling with you to the Holy Land last year (the St. Andrew group), that we’ve reserved space on [the Footprints of Paul Mediterranean] cruise and extension to Rome. Our plans were to take a major trip next year, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to join you and Scott Hahn on this journey. We have great confidence in you and Janet and your attention to detail so the travel goes smoothly; but more important is your knowledge of scripture and ability to bring the faith to life in these ancient sites. Katheryn D.