Upcoming Pilgrimages

Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />Sold out
31-Aug-2014 — 09-Sep-2014
Legatus Holy Land Pilgrimage - Private
10-Oct-2014 — 23-Oct-2014
Holy Land Pilgrimage - February 2014
11-Feb-2015 — 20-Feb-2015
Avila, Lourdes, Fatima, Salamanca & Segovia
08-Apr-2015 — 18-Apr-2015
2015 Upcoming Pilgrimages
26-Dec-2014 — 01-Dec-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />September 2015
23-Sep-2015 — 2-Oct-2015

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Comments & Testimonials
As I am sitting here tonight words could never explain how I feel/my conversion 1991 was so wonderful this trip just increased my love for my Lord and the Church even more. I want to tell more people about our Lord/Church. Linda Garrett