Upcoming Pilgrimages

CHRISTMAS BREAK<br />Holy Land Pilgrimage
26-Dec-2014 — 04-Jan-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />February 2015
11-Feb-2015 — 20-Feb-2015
Avila, Lourdes, Fatima, Salamanca & Segovia
08-Apr-2015 — 18-Apr-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage <br />May 2015
11-May-2015 — 20-May-2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage<br />November 2015
14-Nov-2015 — 23-Nov-2015
2016 Upcoming Pilgrimages
01-Jan-2016 — 31-Dec-2016

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Comments & Testimonials
I feel like I have finally been given a map of the Scriptures. It’s better than any map because I’ve walked it and touched it and smelled it and tasted. The bible has been so mysterious and difficult to understand to me (and therefore dull) for so many years and I finally feel like the scales have fallen off my eyes. I get it. I can’t wait to learn more and to come back again. Pilgrim