All About Peter and the Papacy Today; Day 3 of the Saginaw Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on March 2, 2013

This was our second full day on the Saginaw Michigan Holy Land Pilgrimage with Bishop Joseph Cistone. We are all celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Diocese of Saginaw.

 We are also traveling through the Holy Land at the very same time a new pope is being elected in Rome and we are praying daily for the Cardinals to be led by the Holy Spirit in their deliberations.

 Today was exceptionally exciting since we visited two major sites related to the calling and appointment of St. Peter. First, Caesarea Philippi where Jesus named him and appointed him the Rock foundation of the Church and gave him the Keys of the Kingdom. How appropriate considering the events going on in Rome.

 We also visited the shore of Galilee where Jesus appointed Peter the shepherd of his flock and told him to feed (teach) and to tend (govern) his sheep.

 We also had Mass at the Mount of Beatitudes, drove through the Golan Heights where we saw Lebanon and Syria and the road on which Paul traveled to Damascus before his conversion. 

 Two sites along the Sea of Galilee where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish (and yes, it was a miracle!) and where he appointed Peter as his shepherd.

 Everyone is doing well and the three buses are moving as one — always on time, punctual and full of excitement, adventure, prayer and devotion.

 Bishop Cistone is a delight in every way. He is a great shepherd, joyful, kind and a pleasure to be with along this pilgrimage. You can listen to the Bishop’s homily at the Mount of Beatitudes here 713_0006




  • jr says:

    Jesus named him and appointed him the Rock foundation of the Church and gave him the Keys of the Kingdom.

    First he did not appoint peter as the “Rock” there are two different words being used petros, and petra
    petros meaning a “little piece of rock” and petra meaning A large mass, bedrock. and petros is used when he spoke to peter.

    and he didnt give him the keys, the verse says “I will” not I do….at any rate I dont believe that Peter would accept the “rank and privileges” as he stated

    But Peter raised him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man.
    (Acts 10:26)

  • Kayla Rudy says:

    Hello Grandma and Grandpa (MaryEllen and Dick),
    Just watched all the videos, & definitely looks like you’re really enjoying your trip! It looks absolutely beautiful (pictures/videos probably don’t do justice). I’m getting ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Atlanta! Definitely not as cool as the Holy Land but I’m still pretty excited. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of your guy’s trip and see you both when I get home. Love you both.

    Kisses and Hugs,

  • Ernestina Smith says:

    Hi Lucy. This is your husband Paul. Everything is going GOOD over here. Its cold, I hope it’s warm over there for you. Having supper with the kids today. (Sunday) Hope your enjoying yourself, we can’t really find or see you in the videos. Love your husband Paul

  • The Sarge says:

    jr, your explanation of the differences in meaning between “petros” and “petra” is correct–for the Attic Greek dialect of 500BC, but, in the Koine Greek dialect of the first century AD, the dialect of the New Testament, there is no difference in the meaning of the two words. It is just that petra has a feminine ending, making it unusable as a man’s name, hence “petros”. BTW, in the Aramaic that Jesus and Peter spoke, the same word is used for both “rock” and “Peter”: kepha.

    “…he didn’t give him the keys,(sic) the verse says “I will” not I do(sic)”

    So you believe that Jesus NEVER gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? You believe that, when Jesus said that He will do that, he actually never did, and, therefore lied?

  • The Sarge says:

    To jr:

    Did you really think that, in 2,000 years, the Catholic Church has never heard any of your objections, and doesn’t have an answer to them? Come on! Read a little before posting.

  • Sara, Bridget, and Mary Bush says:

    Hi Mom and Dad! (Jonne and Steve Bush)

    We have been following you each day through the video posts and can’t believe how great of a time you must be having in the Holy Land. It is truly unbelievable to think that you are walking on the same ground that our Savior trod upon!! We especially loved seeing you at the site of the nativity and imagining being with you there at the place of baby Jesus’ birth. That must have been an extraordinary experience and made everything about our faith seem so real and tangible. We want you to know that we miss you very much and are keeping you (ALL of you pilgrims!) in our prayers. Love you lots and lots! Can’t wait to hear all about everything and see pictures!!
    xoxoxo Love, xoxoxo
    Your Girls- Sara, Bridget, Mary, and Sophia

    P.S. We are still waiting for that video of Dad on his camel!! (; hehe

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