All Well with the Dr. Hahn Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on May 18, 2009

Steve Ray here. Everything is going great with the Dr. Scott Hahn Pilgrimage. Janet and I, in conjunction with our local guide Amer Shehadeh, are leading this pilgrimage. Dr. Hahn and I along with our Roman Catholic guide Amer are tag-teaming the teaching and prayers with this group. We have four great priests, three deacons and several acolytes and servers. Kimberly Hahn is cantering at the Masses. 

Here is the video for the day of arrival: Day One! I will have yesterday’s video up as soon as I can. Yesterday we went to Mount Tabor (Transfiguration), Cana and Nazareth.


  • Carson Weber says:

    Steve, tell Rob Corzine I say “howdy”

  • A. Sullivan says:


    I’ve been writing to every blog hoping to find the pilgramage that my sister and brother-in-law are on. They left Saturday and i was given this blog to check on them with. Mariel and Seb Listro are their names. I wanted to get in touch with them not only to wish them well and see how they were doing, but, also to ask them to get a station of the cross rosary for me for my friend, my friends mom and one of my husband’s brothers. I hope she gets this message. If she does please email and let me know.


  • bill912 says:

    “Kimberly Hahn is cantering at the Masses.”

    Why is she riding a horse in the church?

  • virginia aliberti says:

    Dear Steve,

    I am the aunt Virginia of Bob & Pat McKenna who are on the journey with you.

    I am unable to pick up any pictures – unless there aren’t any yet.

    My love and blessings to all and enjoy this memorable journey.

  • Tom Nourse says:

    Oh how I wish my family could be there!!! Crossing the Tiber and Rome Sweet Home figured very prominently in my own conversion.
    Someday *sigh*!!
    God Bless,

  • Ray says:

    Steve Ray and Scott Hahn. Two of my favorite people in the world. Two people who brought me back to the faith! God Bless you both.

  • Ginger Gardner says:

    I will eagerly be looking for my mother, Polly Bolack, as she journeys for the first time to the Holy Land! I pray everyone on this trip comes back renewed and transformed.
    Mom (Polly), we love you and Ethan has a new kitten he named Bing.

  • Stacy Pfannenstiel says:

    Hi Dad and Shirley-
    I was glad to see some video of you and see that you arrived safely!! I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed trip. I can’t wait to hear all about it upon your return to the states.

    Sending you our love, Stacy and Jamie, Megan

  • Joyful Greetings to Steven & Karen Timm and Joyce Kissel from Christ the King in Milwaukie Oregon. We send you blessings and safe travel from your Bible Study group. Linda Mainard :o}

  • Kim Jackson says:

    Mom and Dad,
    This is so awesome that we can follow along with you on your trip! Spotted you many times on the video. Love you and miss you, Kim

  • Melissa Scollard says:

    Hello to Rod, Maggie, Matthew and Allie Johnson!!

    We are happy to know that you arrived safely! We watched the video and caught a glimpse of Matthew serving at Mass.

    We miss you guys!

    All the family at home in Washington

  • Jean says:

    Hello to Nebraskaites Ron & Shirley Huss,
    I am keeping you in my prayers for a safe and spirit filled trip. Work on Scott H. to come to Kearney. When you are visiting the desert, tell him it’s like that here! Ha. Magnificat conference was awesome!

  • Teri Thornton says:

    Hello to Alice (Kosanke). This is so awesome that we can follow the travels of the group. Wishing everyone well.

    We love you and miss you Alice

    Paul and Teri

  • Kristen Lehman says:

    Hi Brenden Pollock! It’s Ms. Lehman! I keep checking the website in hopes to see you on a pod cast. I’ll keep looking for you. I’m so jealous of your experience. Enjoy every minute of it! We miss you here at All Saints! Be safe!

  • Greg says:

    You won’t need angels at Mass with Mrs. Hahn singing!

    Rob remember, no Dr. Hahn imitations at 3 in the morning, esp. outside their window. 🙂

    Greg C.

  • Hello to Barbara and bill Jackson, What a trip,know that you are having a wonderful time. I am watching your journey daily. Sandra

  • Elisabeth Hall says:

    Greetings to the Johnsons- Rod,Maggie, Matthew and Alexandra! You look like you’re having a blast- you must have been tired when you arrived. Miss you and will see you at St James when you get back! Elisabeth and Emma

  • Renee Kissel says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the updates!

    Please pass on to Joyce Kissel that Angel and Renee miss her very much, and are thrilled she is having a good time.

    Safe travels back home! We love you!

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