Amer (from Nazareth) and Me (Steve in US) Discuss the Holy Land today with Teresa Tomeo

by Steve Ray on April 7, 2020

Amer Shehadeh (BesTour) and I (Steve Ray) discussed the current situation in Israel with the Wuhan coronavirus shutdown. Amer explains the situation of Christians under the current isolation mandate and the condition of the holy sites.

(Picture: In Tiberias with David our driver, me and Janet with Amer Shehadeh.)

We discussed the shutdown of the Holy Sepulchre (video here) for the first time since the 1300’s.

Steve updates the situation with pilgrimages and promoting the new pilgrimage in July-August to make an alternative to those pilgrims who’ve had pilgrimages shut down due to the closures.

You can listen to our show here

Our segment begins at 18:24 minutes. You can also click on the audio below.

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