Bethlehem was Wonderful! Nativity, Christmas Carols, Dancing and more

by Steve Ray on November 19, 2015

It was perfect weather, excited group, spiritual adventure full of laughs and prayers. Visited a new saint, danced with Christian young people, ate the Passover Lamb and had a GREAT DAY! Enjoy.



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  • Kevin says:

    The amazing thing about Bethlehem is its meaning “House of Bread”. I learned this from Steve Ray in his Franciscan Universiy of Steubenville Summer conference a few years back. The new Manna from heaven is Jesus fullfilled in John 6. Fr Dans noted in his Homily the Manger was an actual feeding trough for the animals, showed Gods humility as a Man and symbolically his role for his followers as the Bread of LIFE!

    The secular press talk about Christianity and its dark past of the Crusades. They fail to mention why they had Crusades. One only needs to look at the Church where Midnite Mass is shown on worldwide TV. Look at the different foundations they are remnants of the Muslims Burning, ransacking and destroying the Church of the Nativity. How apropos when DAESH is replicating this same destructive nature in Nineveh, Mosul, Aleppo and Erbil TODAY! The Church will prevail against the gates of hell and the Evil ones destructive forces.

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