Link Fixed: CBS's "60 Minutes" on the Holy Land – Very Well Done!

by Steve Ray on June 18, 2012

Today we are in Bethlehem. Since we are leading the Franciscan University of Steubenville in the Holy Land – and today we are in Bethlehem, I though many would like to see learn about the Christian situation in the Holy Land.

This is well worth watching to understand the plight of the Christians in the Holy Land. They have it far better than Christians in other Middle Eastern countries. Yet, their situation is tough squeezed between the Jews and the Muslims. They make up less than 2% of the population and their numbers are dwindling.

Click here:

Click on this image to watch the video of ABC's "60 Minutes" on Christians in the Holy Land.

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  • Agnes Koker says:

    Thank you Steve for posting your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. How wonderful for us to even just get an inkling of the awesomenes of the land where Jesus walked.
    Unfortunately the link to the 60 Minute report on the plight of the Christians in the Holy Land did not work, at least not on my pc.
    God bless you Steve, and your family. Greatings to your lovely wife.

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