Down into the Judean Wilderness, Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea Swim, Camel Rides and More

by Steve Ray on January 4, 2013

Part One:

Part Two:


  • Peggy Rzepka says:

    Well………..the swimming of the brave souls, the black mud, and Elizabeth on a camel were all great highlights! And that camel appeared MORE then cranky! Yikes! I think Fr Craig stated it most aptly when he said “creepy!” My sentiment exactly! The close ups of that camels face were downright disturbing! He appeared to have a genuine look of disdain for his riders. You all appear to be thoroughly enjoying yourselves. Will continue to pray for the remainder of your trip as well as safe travels home. The weather for you looks to be changing to days of rain as you leave. God has provided you with wonderful weather. God Bless you all, most especially Elizabeth. Love from your family.

  • Rebekah Mayer says:

    Hi from Eden Prairie, MN. Thanks for sharing all the stories! The trip looks amazing, and it has been fun to share in your journeys. Joshua especially enjoyed seeing Jericho, and the camels today. He always likes looking for Grandma & Grandpa Walter (Mary & Dan).

    We look forward to hearing more stories soon!
    Rebekah, Christian, Joshua & Ryan Mayer

  • Jan H says:

    Well, what an amazing pilgrimage for all of you. I so appreciate Steve’s videos and being able to share my mom’s journey via YouTube!! I, too, am relieved to see how safe it appears to be. Looking forward to welcoming you home, Mom (Georgene) and letting you share what you’re able to with us. Miss and love you. Jan
    PS. You looked good in the Dead Sea. Did you try a camel ride??!!

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