Enthusiastic Pilgrims Visit Transfiguration, Cana and Nazareth

by Steve Ray on December 30, 2022

A lovely first full day as we all joined together for the first time. People having come from all directions in countries meeting together last night, and we finally board our assigned buses and takeoff for the day.

All is well and everyone is happy and luggage all arrived. Today we started out at the top of the Mountain of the Transfiguration 1,900 feet above the Jezreel Valley. From there the renewal of wedding vows in Cana and a visit to the site of the First Joyful mMystery in Nazareth.

A great way to start a pilgrimage. I gave my talks at all three of the sites to help people understand the deep meaning of the Bible as it relates to the sites and to our Catholic faith.

Back to the Sea of Galilee for some free time and a great dinner here at the hotel.


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