Heading for Cairo

by Steve Ray on September 10, 2007

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Using my handheld to update you. We are on our two Egyptian buses traveling from Mt. Sinai to the Suez Canal and then to Cairo. Things are going well and I hope to update tonight.

UPDATE 8 PM: Arrived at the excellent Oasis Hotel 5 minutes from the Pyramids in Cairo. Delicious buffet by the pool. Perfect temperature. Everyone is glad to be here and out of the wilderness. Very busy day tomorrow. More soon. Rats! No internet connection in our rooms!


  • Pam Beauvais says:

    Lynn Reynolds:
    Hi, I’m home safely. I’m anxious to hear about the camels and Egypt. Miss all of you, but happy to be home. With just a few missteps we made all of our connections. We were told our Frankfort flight was at gate B22 when it was really at A62 which involved quite a lot of walking in the wrong direction. All’s well. Say hello to everyone for me. love, Pam

  • Jackie Fox says:

    I will pay good money to see a picture of my mother riding a camel. Double if my brother is on one, too.

  • Jan and Larry Holland says:

    For Mary Pizzimenti: We’ve been following your travels and hope you’re having as great a time on the trip as we are following you. Love, Jan/Larry

  • mary yoches says:

    I am not suprised to see Anne and Dee leading the group in dancing on the farewellk dinner night especially since they were not farewelling. I hope the group is enjoying their company as much as I always have. You just can’t help but smile when those two are around. i lov e you Anne and can’t wait to hear everything love you mom

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