How Well Do You Know Jesus and His Land? Multiple Choice Questions.

by Steve Ray on November 13, 2015

Since we are in Israel we thought this would be a fun quiz. How much do you know about Jesus and his Land? Answers are below in the Comments but DON’T CHEAT until you give it a hero’s try!

1. We have no record of Jesus visiting which place?

a. The Phoenician Coast
b. Tiberias
c. Egypt
d. Nain

2. Jesus’ country was not large. How many times would Israel fit into Texas?

a. 2
b. 5
c. 20
d. 30

3. Jesus was how old when his earthly ministry began?

a. 28
b. 42
c. 30
d. 35

4. Jesus did not say:

a. Regarding the Law: “Love your neighbor as yourself”
b. To questioning followers: “God helps those who help themselves”
c. Regarding his apostles with swords: “Two are enough”
d. To a Jewish questioner: “Man, who made me a judge or divider over you?”

5. Jesus had a robe that was special because it was:

a. Made of flax and cotton
b. It was whiter than any other robes
c. It had tassels for Jewish prayer
d. The robe had no seams

6. How far did Mary walk to visit her relative Elizabeth?

a. Two miles
b. Fifteen miles
c. Fifty miles
d. Ninety miles 


  • Gary C says:

    1a, 2d, 3c, 4b, 5d

  • d hepburn says:

    I believe that I am versed in the teachings of Christ. I just don’t know why I had to write a comment to get my results.

  • debra schlatter says:

    1a 2c 3c 4b 5 d

  • Bender says:

    How Well Do You Know Jesus?

    I know that He said that there will be many people coming up to Him crying “Lord, Lord,” and He will send them away because they are strangers, they do not really know Him, even with their encyclopedic knowledge of facts about Him.

    As important as intellectual knowledge of Jesus may be, knowing Him in the head, far more important is to know Him in the heart.

  • Dennis says:


    And yet, the more you know Him in the head, the more likely it will actually be Him that you know in the heart and not a self-contrived characterization of Him. “To be ignorant of Scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.” I know you agree with this, but I wanted to stress it because one of the biggest problems in Catholicism today is poor catechesis. They focus so much on the heart that they love something that is not Christ.

    Though, to be honest, I do not think knowing how many times Israel fits into Texas is part of what St. Jerome was talking about 😉

  • Andkaras says:


  • davepinoy says:

    1A 2D 3C 4C 5A…hOW many correct did I have?

  • walt says:

    Compare this test to the one offered by Frank Sheed in his book “Is It The Same Church” and you can see how far we have fallen.

  • Paul says:

    1.a, 2.d, 3.c, 4.b, 5.d

  • anthony natriano says:

    1)a 2)d 3)c 4)b 5)d that is my answerschi

  • Laura says:

    1. a, 2. c 3. c 4. b 5. d

  • Pie says:

    1b, 2d, 3c, 4 b, 5 d,

  • Patrick O. McKenney says:

    Knowing him in the head, or hart is one thing. Following him in such a way as to let others know you are Christian is the Way.

  • Deblette says:

    1. B 2. D 3.C 4.C 5. D

    I am pretty sure Jesus never went to Tiberius.

  • Steve Ray says:


    1) It is never recorded that Jesus visited Tiberias which was a Roman city built over tombs.

    2)He did go to Egypt as a baby, he visited the Phoenician coast (Matt 15:21) and raised a dead son of a widow in Nain (Luke 7:11).

    3) Israel is roughly 8,000 square miles; Texas is roughly 270,000 square miles. Israel would fit in Lake Michigan about 2 1/2 times.

    4) Jesus was 30 years old when he began his ministry (Luke 3:23) and 33 years old when he was crucified.
    Luke 22:38 Jesus said to bring two swords. He never said “God helps those who help themselves.” In the 6th century Aesop said, “The gods help those who help themselves.”

    5) Jesus wore an expensive robe made with no seams (John 19:23).

  • Kevin says:

    1-A—- WRONG Guess

  • Dr. Charles Wylan MD says:

    Forgot 6 steveo!

    SORRY: Answer to No. 6 is 90 miles!

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