Israel 5 Bethlehem All Day with Dancing – Parts 1 and 2

by Steve Ray on April 25, 2022

This is always a favorite day on the pilgrimage. Bethlehem all day with a wonderful Passover lamb dinner with lots of dancing with Christian young people and their traditional garb.

We started the day at the beautiful Bethlehem  store where everyone got to shop for icons, olive wood products, mother of pearl, antiquities and more. People commented on what a fun and pleasant experience it was. Plus we helped over 60 Christian families.

Then to Mass at Shepherds Field where the angels announced the good news to the shepherds. We had Mass in the cave. Then we had a simple lunch of Shawarma sandwiches because we were anticipating a huge dinner.

We were delighted to find no crowds at the Nativity Church so we were able to see the nativity of Christ, the actual place where he was born without the normal hours in line. Delightful!

We prayed the Mystery of the Rosary of the nativity. We then went to the Herodian which was a fortress built by King Herod and where he was buried. We also looked out over the Judean wilderness.

Then to our fabulous dinner and dancing with Christian young people in their traditional Dabka costumes. You have to watch video number two to see all of that 🙂


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