Join us in Poland! Beautiful Catholic Country and Land of Modern Saints

by Steve Ray on April 24, 2023

Poland 🇵🇱! The land of modern saints. We will follow Pope St. John Paul II, Maximilian Kolbe and Maria Faustina among others.

This land is rich with Catholic culture, great food, friendly people, and beautiful churches. Some who have traveled with us have said Poland has been their favorite destination.

Is it safe and easy to travel to Poland on pilgrimage? YES! In a few minutes Doug and Shannon will share their experience in Poland just last week. They mention two guides Olga and Jacek. These are OUR two guides we will be using in August of this year!

Join us before it is full — and it is filling fast!

See our brochure, interactive map, itinerary, pricing and more. Click brochure below.

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