Last Day, Fun Day, Jericho, Dead Sea, Camels, Hugs & Goodbyes

by Steve Ray on May 5, 2014

The last day is always a lot of fun. We have visited all the holy sites some people don their shorts and sandal,s bring their swimsuits and off we go for an unusual day in Israel.

Camel rides, floating in the Dead Sea, great lunch in Jericho with more shopping, and lots of hooping and laughing and Fr. Courtney leading the crowd with their chant “Love being Catholic, woo woo!” They did this while floating in the Dead Sea and the whole beach full of people laughed and cheered.

Does a lot of other rich experiences today and after everyone has bonded like a family; it’s always sad to say good-bye. But we hugged and and cried, shared memories and everyone headed to the airport to fly back home. They were full of memories and a lot of changed lives.

Thanks to Teresa Tomeo for all of her promotion, enthusiasm, fun with the pilgrims, and being a part of our whole endeavor. Thanks also to Fr. Scott Courtney was an excellent spiritual director, inspires everyone to holiness and love of the faith, and makes everyone feel warm and welcome.

He’ll be joining us again in December after Christmas with our Holy Land Family Pilgrimage where we would be doing extra events and fun things for kids and families.



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