New Evidence Points to Shroud’s Authenticity

by Steve Ray on April 17, 2009

PD*2679405There is new evidence and testimony that debunks previous carbon dating on the Shroud and now point to it’s authenticity. You can read the story here.

We will be seeing the Shroud of Turin in May 2010. You can join us.


  • gamesport says:

    There was a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel on this subject that i missed, and have been trying to get a hold of. In the mean time you can watch the most recent one from the BBC on youtube, its really fasceinating stuff

    Don’t know how to parse urls on you blogs, so if you can do that for me before you approve the post, thanks

  • Chuck says:

    Authenticity? Seems to me this shroud has nothing to do w/Jesus as it does not correspond with the description of His burial clothes found in John 20:6-7.

    FYI: Jewish burial protocol, if you will, required about 70 pounds of spices and perfumes placed on the body and then wrapped in strips of cloth up to the head. The head was then wrapped with a separate piece using a twirling action.

  • gamesport says:

    watch that link on youtube, it has an explanation.

  • Chuck says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ve seen several documentaries on the shroud…this included. I cannot respond with my thoughts for fear of not being allowed to make future comments on anything Ray posts.

    Just to reiterate, the Jews were very careful with their traditions and I can only state once again I doubt the shroud has anything to do with Christ. John 11:1-44 re-affirms my earlier comment.

  • Dave says:

    Barrie Schwortz gave a interview of his research and history of his work on/with the Shroud on Catholic Answers Live, which was just encore repeated last week I believe(4/13/09 is the date in my itunes library…maybe the prior weekday). Its archived on CAL.

    He corroborates the new findings for the most part and has first hand experience.


  • debra froat says:

    I will have to look at the links that gamesport put up. I am confused as to how John 20:6-7 either proves or disproves the shroud’s authenticity.

  • Chuck says:


    OK…ponder John 19: 38-40, paying particular attention to v.40, along with 11:44—possibly Luke 24:12. I believe a careful investigation of the Jewish customs in conjunction with the verses in context I provided give ample evidence that the shroud would not have covered Jesus’ body. But, that’s just me…I believe the Holy Spirit inspired text.

  • gamesport says:

    Again the doc i l linked deald with John 11: 1-44 quite well

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