Nice News from a Family who Traveled with Us to Israel

by Steve Ray on January 21, 2021

Hi Steve and Janet-

Here’s something positive for you. Our new granddaughter was baptized with the River Jordan water that we brought home in a plastic water bottle, as you suggested. The brown water settled with the silt going to the bottom. We put the water for the occasion and told the priest not to use too much — we want enough for future grandkids!

Also, last fall, when churches were closed, our son actually got married inside a church. The priest also received permission to Confirm the bride at the start of the Mass. Here RCIA had been  interrupted by covid.

That was an emotional day — tears and laughter in abundance.

Thanks again for your encouraging website.

PS. One more good thing that came from our pilgrimage to the Holy Land: my husband writes a letter to a family friend whenever we travel and he’s stuck on a plane. From Israel, our friend got many pages that my husband wrote for hours. Our friend quickly recognized how much the trip meant to us they transcribed the letter, matched it with travel photos, and printed a book for our Christmas gift. The book is wonderful. 

But here’s what I know you will appreciate: our friend is in Federal prison and his New Year’s resolution is to read the Bible through entirely this year.

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