Incorrupt Saints of Paris: Sts. Catherine Laboure & Vincent de Paul; Boat Ride on Seine River

by Steve Ray on June 11, 2019

After visiting the Church of the Miraculous Metal where we  venerated and prayed at the incorrupt Body of Saint Catherine Labore, we walked a block or two away to have Mass in front of the glass tomb of Saint Vincent de Paul who body is also incorrupt (homily here). Very meaningful and powerful for us […]

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Paris Day 1: Notre Dame Cathedral, Saints Chapelle over 1,000 Stained Glass windows) and Sacré Couers (Sacred Heart)

by Steve Ray on June 10, 2019

Our first day in Paris was filled with activities and wondrous sites. First, everyone woke up to the Eiffel Tower just outside our hotel and then a bountiful breakfast. We originally had Mass scheduled at the Notre Dame Cathedral but since the fire we had to change it to Sacré Couer. But we are taking […]

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Pentecost Sunday at Chartres Cathedral in France – Our 25th Anniversary as Catholics

by Steve Ray on June 9, 2019

We are leaving Brittany France and heading east back towards Paris. Halfway we will stop at Chartres where we will have free time in the city, a tour of the magnificent cathedral church and Mass in the grotto (Fr. Dan’s excellent homily here). Today is Janet and my 25th anniversary as Catholics. We are received […]

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France 5: Saint Malo, Apparition of Mary in Pontmain

by Steve Ray on June 8, 2019

We never like to push our people too much so we gave them an easy morning and left today at 10 AM. We went to Saint Malo which is a medieval fortified city on the ocean. We toured the exquisite cathedral where the organ was playing the whole time we were there. We spent time […]

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France Day 4: Le Mont-Saint-Michel

by Steve Ray on June 7, 2019

After the busy activities and a long day yesterday for D-Day, today was a nice rest and catch up day for the group. We started out with breakfast — sad to leave this beautiful Château in Normandy but we now drive to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, a city and a magnificent church and monastery. This is the […]

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75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy with President Trump

by Steve Ray on June 6, 2019

Today was a marvelous day with our group and Normandy France celebrating his 75th anniversary of D-Day. We were among still living heroes who jumped that day and joined by president of France and President Trump. It was a grand celebration! Even though it was to commemorate men who had died it was a celebration […]

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