A Favorite Day in Northern Israel

by Steve Ray on October 12, 2019

One of our favorite days when I give give two of my favorite talks in northern Israel and the Golan Heights and along the shores of the sea. We start with Mass at Beatitudes (homily here) and then drive north to the Lebanese border while listening to the vocation stories of our two priests. We […]

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Up the Mountain, Renewing our Rings and in Awe of Annunciation & Incarnation

by Steve Ray on October 11, 2019

This is the time of year that Jesus took Peter, James and John up Mount Tabor to witness the Transfiguration. Mass at the top (homily here.) The mountain is 1900 feet above the planes below and once I started at the bottom and went straight to the top to see how long it would take. […]

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Arrival of Pilgrims in Israel

by Steve Ray on October 10, 2019

It’s always exciting when the plane lands and our pilgrims get off the plane and step onto the land of Israel for the first time. Yes, they’re tired and exhausted from the flight, but there’s also a sense of exhilaration and excitement. Everyone arrived in good shape and we got up to Galilee without any […]

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Yom Kippur in Jerusalem; Holy Day of Atonement – like Twilight Zone

by Steve Ray on October 9, 2019

Today Janet and I are waiting for our group to arrive tomorrow in Israel. But we get to enjoy and be part of Yom Kippur, the great and holy Day of Atonement for the Jews. It was the day the high priest took the blood of a goat and a bull into the Holy of […]

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Legatus Day 8: Via Dolorosa, Mass on Calvary; Western Wall & Farewells

by Steve Ray on September 27, 2019

We hope you enjoy these two movies of our final day with the Legatus Holy Land pilgrimage. These are a bunch of wonderful folks and we had a very blessed and exciting time together. The first video is our early morning to carry our crosses on the way to Calvary where we had Mass. After […]

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Legatus Day 7: Mount of Olives & Mount Zion

by Steve Ray on September 25, 2019

Always nice to start the day with Mass in the Garden of Gethsemane surrounding the very stone where Jesus sweat drops of blood (homily here). Then up the Mount of Olives to the Church of Paternoster where Jesus taught his disciples to pray the Our Father and from where he ascended into heaven. I gave […]

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