Pilgrimage Day 6: Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ – and more

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2012

Today we woke up at 5 AM and boarded the bus to head to the Herod Gate. We walked to the beginning of the Stations of Cross while the sun was rising. Amer gave us a short intro to the Via Dolorosa and walked, prayed and meditated the 14 Stations of the Cross — where they REALLY happened.

Then we all touched the top of Calvary where Jesus was crucified. If we had touched this place 2,000 years ago, our hands would have been sticky with his blood. Then we have Mass right next to the tomb.

After Mass we all entered to touch and pray at the Tomb of Christ. Tears were everywhere.

Breakfast at the Notre Dame, visit to St. Ann’s Church where Mary was born and where Jesus healed the crippled man (John 5). Then to the Western Wall and lunch before a free afternoon and afternoon.

Lastly we had the marvelous Holy Shroud Exhibit and dinner at Notre Dame.

Mass at the Tomb of Christ

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