Pilgrimage Farewells and Comments from Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on May 25, 2018

Here are some of the final farewells and comments from the pilgrimage. It’s always fun to hear what people thought and how the pilgrimage affected their lives. Janet also gives her little speech at the end which many have found to be very profound and helpful.

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  • Nina and John says:

    Safely home, long day but full of gratitude that John and I were able to come and see the holiest places of our faith with such a great team of evangelists, Steve and Janet. Full of fire with the love of Christ, knowledge of the Bible, and history of the holy land, we learned so very much, and know that much work is needed on our part. Brother Charles, Fathers Dan, Christian, and Ignatius made these past ten days even better. We made great new friends, and have two friends in the Holy land too. Thank you.

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