Poland Day 9: Schindler’s Factory; Mass in Wieliczka Salt Mines

by Steve Ray on August 13, 2023

We visited Visit Schindler’s Enamel Factory which is now an informative museum. Lunch on own in the lively Square of Krakow.

Guided tour of the World Famous Wieliczka Salt Mines where you can lick the walls, but not the statues. Deepest point is more than 1000 feet deep. Saw the magnificent statue of of St. John Paul II carved out of salt.

We walked 2 miles underground including 300 steps — my new knees were amazing! Celebrated Sunday Mass in the huge chapel deep in the earth.

Return to Krakow for our Farewell Dinner at the famous fourteenth century restaurant, “Wierzynek” where kings and presidents have dined.

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