Safe to Come to Israel? Letter that Brought Tears to our Eyes

by Steve Ray on May 9, 2013

Listen to this letter and you will understand why we were emotional – and you’ll know if it is safe to come to the Holy Land. Comments from our wonderful pilgrims.

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  • Al and Gracia Esguerra says:

    felt sad as we prepared to leave Jerusalem, still awestuck by all the holy places we walked and saw..but eager to tell our experience to family and friends back home. we know our “our fathers” and “hail marys” have taken a deeper meaning… thanks Steve and Janet for truly enriching trip of a lifetime!

    btw God continues to guide and guard us. Al’s luggage was not on our noon JFK-DCA flight with AA having no record of it being “scanned”..finally delivered at 11pm…all our priceless treasures – rosaries and rocks and holy water from the Jordan were there! God smiles on us! tight hugs..

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