Steve Ray here concerning the current situation in Israel with Hamas

by Steve Ray on October 7, 2023

Janet and I have been watching the situation carefully in which Hamas has attacked Israel in the south.

First, we arrived home two days ago with our our two back-to-back groups. So this has no immediate effect on us or our pilgrimages.

Second, the areas in danger are those in the south and not immediately in the areas that we habitually visit in Galilee and Jerusalem.

Third, however, the situation is very tense in all of Israel right now. I’m glad that our pilgrims are back home so as to avoid the confusion. Israel cannot allow this to go on for long and they will crush the opposition in short order, as they should.

Forth, we expect things to be calm in a few days since Israel cannot allow it to continue, and they certainly have the power to stop it.

Fifth, our next trip to Israel is not for six weeks, which will by then certainly have calmed down with business back as usual. In the meantime, we will be watching carefully and post updates.

Sixth, we will not be canceling our November, December, January or February trips.


  • Laura Duhé says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know that you, Janet and your latest group are home safely. We also appreciate your update on Israel. Much appreciated.

  • Cheryl Nael says:

    Praise God you, Janet & your latest group are back in the US safe & sound. I watched each day’s video you posted because a coworker was on the pilgrimage.

    I’m glad I thought to visit your blog to get an “insider” report about SAT’s attack. I’m looking forward to more reports from you about the current situation in Israel. I’d be interested in reading a “backgrounder” that helps explain the tensions between Israel, Gaza Strip & West Bank which precipitated Hamas’ attack/invasion from Gaza on SAT.

    Many blessings!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks Cheryl!

  • Jeri Mead says:

    I too am grateful you are back home safely. We prayed for this terrible war at Mass this morning. I watch everything you post and thoroughly learn and enjoy it greatly.

  • Christine Peters says:

    Thank you, Steve, for posting this and letting us know you & Janet and your previous pilgrims are safely home.
    I’m registered for your Dec. 27th “Family Christmas Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” and have been wondering about its status. Your calming post is much appreciated.
    I enjoyed meeting you in person at Our Lady of Peace Retreat in Beaverton, OR in July 2022, and hearing you share your Holy Land experiences.
    I visited Israel in 1980 and have longed to return.

    Praying the Lord restores peace to the country of Israel and blesses you & Janet and all yours! I’m looking forward to traveling with you two and the all the families to the Holy Land in Dec/Jan.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks Christine. Whereas our November trip may be in jeopardy, we are quite confident of our December Family Pilgrimage. The bus is FULL! Stay tuned!

  • Leslye says:

    I am one of your past pilgrims. I am glad you and Janet are safe at home. I am glad you are so confident order will be restored as I am not so sure. I know you have many friends in the region. I am particularly concerned about your guide Amer. Can you share his status? Prayers for all.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks Leslye, amer is fine but the only problem is the chaos for his business with all the trips being canceled and dealing with Pilgrim stuck in Israel and not able to get home. But Israel cannot allow this to go on for long so I hope it doesn’t last too long. We have groups scheduled to go in November, December, January and February. Thanks for your prayers!

  • Thomas Arnold says:

    Steve and Janet,
    I was very relieved and thankful to see this post that you and your pilgrims are all home safe.
    We were just having a hard time finding any information of your whereabouts and so glad you posted this and all you do!
    God be with you and your family,
    Tom and Karen Arnold

    STEVE RAY HERE: Tom and Karen, thanks for thinking of us and being concerned. We arrived home two days before the chaos began. But we still have trips going to Israel in November, December, January, February. We’ll see how that goes. You can always follow me on Twitter (X) at, and Facebook at convert.

  • Joanne says:

    I’m the last group Steve and Janet that was in Jerusalem with you. I am so glad to hear you got home. It was fabulous I feel for the people in Israel and I hope that you’re right and I hope that things calm down. Thank you for all you do.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks Joanne. It was marvelous, showing you our favorite places in the whole world. Hopefully things will come down and we can get back to doing it again with other folks. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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