Visiting Catholic Answers to Make BIG Plans

by Steve Ray on September 28, 2006

Janet and I are leaving before the sun rises to fly to San Diego to meet with Catholic Answers to help plan the details for our May 2007 Mediterranean Cruise. We have a lot of details to work out. We will be back on Monday but I hope to keep up with the blog while we are away.

Vatican.jpgUpdate from San Diego: We have a very productive meeting. We discussed in detail the plans and sites for Rome, Ephesus, Athens & Corinth. These biblical sites will be great fun and educational — lots of sites and teaching packed in. We are renting special buses to take us to places that other people on the cruise do not get to see.

The 2.5 days in Rome are really full of great sites and a General Audience with Pope Benedict. We visit the 4 major churches, the catacombs, the Coliseum and Forum, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters and more.

These sites in  Rome, Greece and Turkey are not only biblical but rich in early church history. For example, we will visit the Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus where the 3rd Ecumenical Council declared Mary was the "Theotokos", the Mother of God. We will then visit Mary's House where she lived in Ephesus. This will be a great trip.


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