The Planes have Landed!

by Steve Ray on November 15, 2007

The Luthansa group are on Bus 1 and already approaching Galilee. The British Air flight was delayed two hours in London but has now landed. Those pilgrims are being gathered on Bus 2. All those who booked their own flights are also accounted for. All is well. More soon.


  • Mary Morris says:

    This is a neat service. I will follow you on the Pilgrimage each day by following the itinerary and reading. Steve and Janet – thank you for this event. My daughter Vivi has waited a long time to go on a Pilgrimage such as this one. I will pray for everyone.

    To Vivi Morris – I’ve been waiting to hear that you finally arrived. Was it your plane that landed late? I’ll give a briefing to Christina, Nicholas and the rest of the family each day.

    Prayers, peace and love, xoxoxo Mom

  • Sarah Putman says:

    Dear Dave and Linda,
    Glad you arrived safely. Will take my laptop out to Red Oak in the morning…I am enjoying having the website to walk us along on your wonderful trip.
    All is well with Mom and Dad.

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