Farewell Dinner, Final Comments and Tearful Good-byes

by Steve Ray on September 16, 2021

The final dinner together is always a bittersweet experience. We have had a good time together for eight days and it’s fun to recall all the highlights in the new friendships, but it’s also sad that everyone is now heading home. We all rejoiced in the blessed time in these marvelous sacred sites and we […]

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Lourdes Day 2 Footprints of St. Bernadette

by Steve Ray on September 15, 2021

Relaxed morning; we didn’t even set the alarms. After a nice French breakfast we went to the Crypt in the Basilica for Mass (homily here). Then our walking tour following the footprints of St. Bernadette. We visited her home at the mill, where they spent their last days in the abandoned jail, her parish Church […]

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LINK FIXED: Early Mass at the Lourdes Grotto; tour of the Shrines; Talk by Head Doctor at Lourdes

by Steve Ray on September 14, 2021

We have finally reached our final destination which is Lourdes. We started the morning with the sunrise with Mass in the Grotto of our Lady and St. Bernadette. Our chaplain Fr. James Conlon was the celebrant. Marvelous with less than 50 people whereas last time there were about a thousand crowding into the Grotto for […]

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Burgos Spain to Loyola to Lourdes France

by Steve Ray on September 13, 2021

We left our beautiful Grand Teatro Hotel and headed northeast to Loyola where St. Ignatius lived and eventually had a spiritual conversion. His leg was wounded in a war and while he lay recuperating he read the Lives of the Saints and his heart was fully converted toward God. We had Mass in the room […]

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Gorgeous Drive thru Spain to Burgos

by Steve Ray on

On this day we always wish we could shrink these countries a little bit to make the driving distance shorter, but it is what it is. We have fun on the bus and make regular stops along the way for food and comfort and stretching and even napping. Today I gave my new talk entitled […]

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Largest Incensor ever; All Day Santiago de Compostela

by Steve Ray on September 11, 2021

This has to be the world’s largest incensor which is called the “ botafumerio” which takes eight men to operate. In front of the altar it swings high up to the ceiling and then it comes back down “swoosh” swinging back up to the ceiling on the other side. It is always quite a sight […]

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