Past Pilgrimages


Full 2021 schedule planned including 2 local destinations! St. Augustine Florida (space limited; call for availability) to enjoy our history and the sun. Shrines of Wisconsin almost full!

Join us in Biblical Turkey, now open for Americans.

Israel 3 times, Fatima & Lourdes and Mediterranean Cruise. On-line registration available. Call 866-557-2364 or write for updates.

See our new Peace & Protection Plan for international travel and pilgrimages.

Holy Land Part 2 with Jordan Pre-trip, February 2020 (SOLD OUT)

February-07-2020 – February-21-2020

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Christmas 2019 in Holy Land for Families (SOLD OUT)

December-29-2019 – January-07-2020

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20 Year Celebration: Holy Land with Spirit Catholic Radio (SOLD OUT)

November-13-2019 – November-22-2019

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Holy Land October 2019 (SOLD OUT)

October-09-2019 – October-18-2019

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Legatus Exclusive Holy Land September 2019 (SOLD OUT)

September-18-2019 – September-27-2019

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Poland & Divine Mercy: JP II, Maria Faustina & Maximilian Kolbe 2019 (SOLD OUT)

August-21-2019 – August-30-2019

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France’s Saints & Shrines & D-Day 75th Anniversary (SOLD OUT)

June-03-2019 – June-12-2019

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Holy Land May 2019 (SOLD OUT)

May-08-2019 – May-17-2019

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March 2019 Holy Land (SOLD OUT)

March-10-2019 – March-19-2019

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Jordan and Israel – February 2019 (SOLD OUT)

February-13-2019 – February-22-2019

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Jordan Pre-trip to Israel Pilgrimage – Feb 2019

February-09-2019 – February-14-2019

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2018 Christmas Holy Land Pilgrimage (SOLD OUT)

December-29-2018 – January-07-2019

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Catholic Heritage of Mexico 2018 with Guadalupe and more

November-26-2018 – December-05-2018

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2018 St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise (SOLD OUT)

October-19-2018 – October-28-2018

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October Holy Land 2018 (SOLD OUT)

October-10-2018 – October-19-2018

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Holy Land & Jordan September 2018 (SOLD OUT)

September-11-2018 – September-20-2018

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Jordan Pre-trip Extension to Holy Land September 2018

September-07-2018 – September-12-2018

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Ireland: Catholic Heritage of Emerald Isles – August 2018 (SOLD OUT)

August-05-2018 – August-14-2018

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Holy Land with Franciscan University: June 2018 (SOLD OUT)

June-18-2018 – June-29-2018

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Spring Holy Land Pilgrimage May 2018 (SOLD OUT)

May-16-2018 – May-25-2018

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Upcoming Pilgrimages

We are back in the air!!  We have multiple Holy Land pilgrimages per year. Click the green calendar above for trips beyond 2021. Notice our St. Paul Mediterranean Pilgrimage cruise in 2021 along with Turkey, Lourdes & Fatima and more. Contact 866-557-2364 for updates.