Seminar Series: Holy Land in January-February 2021

31 January 2021 to 09 February 2021

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Footprints of God is excited to announce our new, lower cost, unique seminar series pilgrimage!

By now you are familiar with our Signature Pilgrimages where Steve and Janet are your shepherds throughout the tour, bringing the Catholic Faith to life throughout your travels.

Our new Seminar Series allows you to travel under the supervision of Steve & Janet Ray in the care of a handpicked tour manager, experience the quality of the Footprints of God brand. You will enjoy meeting Steve and Janet along the way. One of the benefits of the seminar series is that Steve will be giving his famous biblical talks, but in an expanded format.

Popular Catholic speaker and evangelist Terry Barber will be joining us for talks and sharing along the way. All for nearly $1,000 less per traveler!


This is Steve & Janet Ray’s favorite time of the year to tour the Holy Land. Israel is relatively temperate year-round but this time of the year is cooler without the sweltering heat. It is usually comfortable jacket weather.

Daily Mass at the holiest sites and we pray the Mysteries of the Rosary where they took place. Also, pray the Stations of the Cross on the way to Calvary and Mass at the Holy Sepulchre. The hotels are exceptional and wonderfully located. Lunches will give you a wide range of local cuisine.

Steve and Janet have partnered with BesTour which is owned and operated by Amer Shehadah and his family. Steve and Janet have worked with this Catholic Nazarene agent and guide for all their trips over the last decade. They have done 80+ pilgrimages together. Amer is a practicing Roman Catholic and a walking encyclopedia. He is the finest Christian guide in the Holy Land–and we are not alone in that assessment.

Amer will be in charge of guiding the group along with handpicked Catholic guides of superior quality to assist him. They all have a great knowledge of the land and the Bible and all of them speak with excellent English. Having knowledgable Christian guides is very important.

You’ll enjoy Steve and Janet’s trusted hotels and delicious meals and experience the Holy Land the way Catholics should experience it.

You will receive Steve’s 110-page color Handbook for Pilgrims.

Steve and Janet, along with popular speaker and evangelist Terry Barber and his wife Mary will be giving seminar talks along the way. Some will be in the auditoriums in the evenings and others on site. Steve will be spending a lot of time with the group giving some of his most popular talks in expanded versions on-site. Janet and Mary will host a “Tea with Janet & Mary” for the women. We will also provide a panel for Q & A. One talk will discuss in some detail the issues between Israel and the Palestinians entitled “Understanding the Holy Land with all of its Religions, Cultures & Conflicts.”

Enjoy a group of like-minded Catholics from around the country for a marvelous pilgrimage through the land of our Lord and Our Lady.

$5249 Regular price, per person after February 28, 2020
-100 Early Booking Savings
-150 Discount for payment entirely by check or eCheck
*$4999 Early Booking / check or eCheck Discount price per person (double occupancy)

Brochure & Itinerary


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