Comments & Farewells from Jerusalem!

by Steve Ray on January 7, 2020

Enjoy all the final comments and farewells from this amazing group of families on our Family Christmas Holy Land Pilgrimage. We do this same family pilgrimage over Christmas break every year. It has a profound impact on young people and they’re not likely to lose their faith later on in life after having been immersed […]

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Fun Day with Camels, Dead Sea Floating, Jericho, Feet in Jordan River….

by Steve Ray on January 6, 2020

Today was a free day—and our last day—and many people went off and did things on their bucket list. However, a lot of others joined us on the Optional Day where we had a lot of fun adventures. We started with Mass in the morning at the Notre Dame Center (homily here) with the blessing […]

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Rainy Stations of the Cross, Mass in Church of Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall, 50 Santa’s and more

by Steve Ray on January 5, 2020

Rich day starting with Via Dolorosa and Mass near the Tomb (homily here). Back to Notre Dame to get warm and dry and eat breakfast. Then to Western Wall, great lunch at Rossini’s, free time explore, 50 International Santa’s, Holy Shroud Exhibit and dinner on the roof.

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Mount of Olives and Mount Zion

by Steve Ray on January 4, 2020

Today was very intensive following the ministry of Jesus Christ. We started at Gethsemane for a very emotional Mass at the rock where He sweat drops of blood (homily here). We saw olive trees over 2000 years old that were there when Jesus was in his agony. We went to the top of the Mount […]

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“O Little Town of Bethlehem” surrounded by a wall

by Steve Ray on January 3, 2020

Yes, there is a 30 foot high wall that surrounds Bethlehem and the Christians are secluded behind the wall along with the Muslims, even though the Christians have never caused a problem. So today we spent the day driving through that wall into Bethlehem to visit the place of Jesus’s birth but also to support […]

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Boating on Galilee; 1st Communion in Capernaum; St. Peter’s Fish; Visitation & to Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on January 2, 2020

After our boat ride on the Sea of Galilee we had a young lady with us named Nina who had her first communion at the church in Capernaum where Jesus said the words, “Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood.” What a great experience for young Nina and her family (homily here). After exploring Capernaum […]

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