Past Pilgrimages

Israel trips in first half of 2024 postponed. Join us in Holy Land September, November or over Christmas break.

Added Ireland, Lourdes & Fatima and Shrines of Wisconsin in 2024. Watch for Saints & Shrines of France Nov-Dec.

"Saints & Shrines of Italy" for Jubilee Year 2025 - May and November!

Call 866-557-2364 or write for updates.

Holy Land Pilgrimage Jan-Feb 2024 (Moved to January 2025)

January-31-2024 – February-09-2024

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Holy Land September 25-October 4, 2023 (SOLD OUT))

September-25-2023 – October-04-2023

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Holy Land September 11-20, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

September-11-2023 – September-20-2023

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Poland 2023: Land of Modern Saints

August-05-2023 – August-14-2023

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Holy Land March 2023 (SOLD OUT)

March-22-2023 – March-31-2023

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Holy Land February 2023 (SOLD OUT)

February-15-2023 – February-24-2023

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Christmas Family Holy Land Pilgrimage December 2022

December-28-2022 – January-06-2023

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Jordan & Israel November 2022 (SOLD OUT)

November-04-2022 – November-17-2022

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St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise 2022 (limited cabins available on request)

October-13-2022 – October-23-2022

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Holy Land September 2022 (SOLD OUT)

September-20-2022 – September-29-2022

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Oberammergau August 2022 (SOLD OUT)

August-09-2022 – August-17-2022

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Love Being Catholic Conference in LaCrosse Wisconsin

July-27-2022 – July-29-2022

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Shrines of Wisconsin & Love Being Catholic Conference

July-25-2022 – July-29-2022

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Oberammergau June 2022: Germany, Switzerland, N. Italy and Rome (SOLD OUT)

June-14-2022 – June-26-2022

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Holy Land May 2022 (SOLD OUT)

May-22-2022 – May-31-2022

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Holy Land April 2022 (SOLD OUT)

April-20-2022 – April-29-2022

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Saints & Shrines of Italy – March 2022

March-18-2022 – March-28-2022

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St. Augustine Florida: Where it All Began in America!

November-01-2021 – November-04-2021

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September 2021 Fatima & Lourdes was a Great Success!!

September-07-2021 – September-16-2021

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The Year of St. Joseph: Shrines of Wisconsin with Cardinal Raymond Burke (SOLD OUT, CALL FOR WAITING LIST)

July-23-2021 – July-26-2021

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Contact 866-557-2364 or for updates.