Past Pilgrimages

November and December pilgrimages are postponed until November and December 2024. We will send out updates soon. Other trips are still scheduled to go but we are watching.

We have just added pilgrimages to St. Augustine Florida, Lourdes-Fatima, Shrines of Wisconsin and Ireland in 2024. Brochures soon. Check list of future trips thru 2026

"Saints & Shrines of Italy" in 2025 for Jubilee. Dates announced soon!

Call 866-557-2364 or write for updates.

November 2023 Iowa Catholic Radio (SOLD OUT-MOVED to 2024)

November-12-2023 – November-21-2023

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Holy Land September 25-October 4, 2023 (SOLD OUT))

September-25-2023 – October-04-2023

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Holy Land September 11-20, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

September-11-2023 – September-20-2023

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Poland 2023: Land of Modern Saints

August-05-2023 – August-14-2023

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Holy Land March 2023 (SOLD OUT)

March-22-2023 – March-31-2023

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Holy Land February 2023 (SOLD OUT)

February-15-2023 – February-24-2023

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Christmas Family Holy Land Pilgrimage December 2022

December-28-2022 – January-06-2023

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Jordan & Israel November 2022 (SOLD OUT)

November-04-2022 – November-17-2022

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St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise 2022 (limited cabins available on request)

October-13-2022 – October-23-2022

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Holy Land September 2022 (SOLD OUT)

September-20-2022 – September-29-2022

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Oberammergau August 2022 (SOLD OUT)

August-09-2022 – August-17-2022

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Love Being Catholic Conference in LaCrosse Wisconsin

July-27-2022 – July-29-2022

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Shrines of Wisconsin & Love Being Catholic Conference

July-25-2022 – July-29-2022

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Oberammergau June 2022: Germany, Switzerland, N. Italy and Rome (SOLD OUT)

June-14-2022 – June-26-2022

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Holy Land May 2022 (SOLD OUT)

May-22-2022 – May-31-2022

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Holy Land April 2022 (SOLD OUT)

April-20-2022 – April-29-2022

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Saints & Shrines of Italy – March 2022

March-18-2022 – March-28-2022

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St. Augustine Florida: Where it All Began in America!

November-01-2021 – November-04-2021

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September 2021 Fatima & Lourdes was a Great Success!!

September-07-2021 – September-16-2021

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The Year of St. Joseph: Shrines of Wisconsin with Cardinal Raymond Burke (SOLD OUT, CALL FOR WAITING LIST)

July-23-2021 – July-26-2021

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Contact 866-557-2364 or for updates.