Calling All Deacons (and their wives); Join us for our Deacon Holy Land Pilgrimage & Retreat

by Steve Ray on July 16, 2018

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Inspiring Trip for Deacons & their Wives

To Walk In The Footsteps of Jesus in The Holy Land, February 13-22, 2019

Mass at St. Stephen’s Church, The Site of the First Martyrdom

Join Steve & Janet Ray


Deacon Dominick & Teresa Tomeo Pastore

Join them for a very special and deeply spiritual trip to the special places in Our Lord’s life:

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Don’t Miss the Optional

Biblical Jordan Pre-Trip!

February 9-14, 2019

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For information, including how to sign up, visit the Corporate Travel website or call 866-468-1420.

Register and qualify for the $100 Early Booking Discount if you Book by June 15, 2018.