Is it Safe to Join your Holy Land Trip with All that’s Going On?

by Steve Ray on May 16, 2018

Greetings from Jerusalem! I received this e-mail from a pilgrim registered for our September Holy Land Pilgrimage. Here is her question and my response:

Hi Steve,

Should we be concerned about our trip in September with all that’s going on there now?

Dear Concerned Pilgrim:

Not at all. I am in Jerusalem now and it is no different than any other of the 150+ times we have been here. All the trouble is in Gaza which is no where near where we are. And as always, even that will die out long before you arrive.

We are walking thru the streets now and it is as quiet and safe as my home town. No worries.

The US media makes everything sensational. Here it is nothing like what they try to hype it up to be.

Picture below was just taken from our (your) hotel this evening. Looking out over Mount of Olives and Church of The Holy Sepulchre.

See you in September (I have two groups here before the trip!  We’re really looking forward to this trip!

Listen HERE to my show about the situation from Jerusalem a few hours ago on Ave Maria Radio.