Europe 1 Arriving in Munich Germany

by Steve Ray on August 8, 2022

So we embark on our second pilgrimage through Europe with the emphasis on visiting the Oberammergau Passion Play. Most of our folks arrived this morning on Lufthansa Airline. We were there to greet them in the morning, board our beautiful buses and started the pilgrimage. Then we off-loaded the luggage at the hotel hotel and […]

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Wisconsin 4 Our 1st “Love Being Catholic” Conference

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2022

Our first “Love Being Catholic” Conference was a huge success. With an auditorium full of great Catholics we started off with Fr. Chris Alar giving his talk on the End Times. This was a first for many Catholics to discuss the End of Time, the book of Revelation from Scripture and Tradition and the Saints. […]

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Wisconsin 3 Guadalupe, Cardinal Burke & Concert

by Steve Ray on July 28, 2022

Very full day. Ending our pilgrimage and overlapping with first day of our Love Being Catholic Conference. Cardinal Burke joined us for the end of the pilgrimage and the beginning of the conference. We had a marvelous breakfast again at the Hyatt Regency before driving two hours through the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin to Rudolf […]

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Wisconsin 2 St Joseph Shrine & Marian Apparition of Good Help

by Steve Ray on July 27, 2022

In Wisconsin they know how to make a good hearty breakfast. No rush this morning so everyone enjoyed the delicious food and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We boarded our buses and headed to the Norbertine National Shrine of Saint Joseph. After a tour I gave my talk “Joseph, Manly Man and Chosen Father”. Lunch on […]

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Wisconsin Pilgrimage 1 Arrivals

by Steve Ray on July 26, 2022

Everyone arrived at the Milwaukee Airport and we had a lovely bus drive up to Green Bay for dinner on the water. Fun joing 100 likeminded Catholics, brothers and sisters in Christ!

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Join our St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise and Visit 10 Biblical Cities & Islands

by Steve Ray on July 4, 2022

Ten biblical sites, the Greek Islands and our “Seminar at Sea” in the footprints of St. Paul. Steve & Janet Ray will be your guides and hosts. Visit our web page at You can contact our Reservations Team at 866-557-2364, or write them at Visit our website for the interactive map, itinerary, cities […]

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