Final Day in St Augustine: Farewells & Comments

by Steve Ray on November 5, 2021

Today is the culmination of our well received and successful pilgrimage with great folks parasites, guys and spiritual experiences with enjoyable fellowship Enjoy the final farewells and comments, our last Mass (insightful homily here) and Fr. Peek’s interesting story of his Mass Kit.

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Mass at 1st Church in America; Fountain of Youth in St Augustine

by Steve Ray on November 4, 2021

On our last full day of the pilgrimage here to Saint Augustine Florida we started with mass at the first church in America. The Spanish Catholics came over in 1565 and built a Parish Church. Today it is the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine and known as the very first church in America. We had […]

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Trolley Tour of St Augustine, Le Leche Shrine at Sacred Acre, Outdoor Mass at Site of 1565

by Steve Ray on November 3, 2021

Bud is a devout Catholic and drove the trolley car and gave us a tour of Saint Augustine Florida. What a delightful historical and spiritual experience. We were dropped off at the le Leche shrine, the first Marian shrine in America. We toured the Sacred Acre where the first town in the New World was […]

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Day One in St. Augustine Florida where Catholicism Came to America in 1565

by Steve Ray on November 2, 2021

Off to a great start on our St. Augustine Florida pilgrimage where Catholicism came to America. Perfect weather, great group of Catholics and exciting days ahead. At dinner tonight we had historian and scholar Dr. Mary Soha give us an introduction and overview of the history of Catholicism coming to America. She is an engaging […]

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Be the 1st ones back to the Holy Land! Seats available for December 27 and January 6 departures!

by Steve Ray on October 20, 2021

No lines!  No crowds! More time at holy sites and not rushed in prayer and Mass. A rare event in the Holy Land. Israel is slowly opening up and welcoming back select small groups. We have flights, hotels and our best friend and guide Amer is waiting for us. Dates and seats available – December […]

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Finally Heading Back to the Holy Land – need a few intrepid pilgrims to join us!

by Steve Ray on October 18, 2021

Israel is finally opening up after almost 2 years. We couldn’t be happier with the great expectation that our December 27 trip is going to fly! See the website here: Israel is slowly beginning to welcome small groups back and the country is empty and anxiously waiting for us. I cannot wait to take […]

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