St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise and “Seminar at Sea”

28 October 2016 to 06 November 2016



Ninety-five Excited Pilgrims Arrive in Athens

First day of our St. Paul Mediterranean cruise and “Seminar at Sea.”

All is well and everyone is excited. Great 1st day homily by Fr. Mattson here. Enjoy!

Walking with St. Paul through Corinth; Great 1st Day of Pilgrimage Mediterranean Cruise

Today was our first full day of this pilgrimage cruise and we went to Corinth. I have to admit this is one of my favorite places because I wrote a Bible study on First and Second Corinthian’s and I feel like I’m walking with St. Paul and sharing my friend with everyone else while were here. Below the full day video is my Intro to Corinth which I gave before Mass.

Below you will find the full video of our day in Corinth and my introduction to Corinth before Mass. Here is the video of the excellent homily by Fr. Steve Mattson. Here is my talk at the Erastus Stone last year which I also gave again this year – for those who want to know why I am a Catholic and why the Bible it historically true!

Steve’s Intro to Corinth

Full video of our day in Corinth

Athens, St. Paul and Heading out to Sea

Al and Steve’s conversation at Mars Hill.

Homily at Athens Cathedral (soon)

Thessaloniki and "Seminar at Sea"

Enjoy today. Great day in Thessaloniki ?? For homily today, click here.

Philippi and Walking the Egnatian Road

Philippi is always a favorite day for a lot of people on a cruise. It certainly is for me! For a great homily on the river where Lydia was baptized click here.

For Steve Ray’s talk on “What Must I Do to Be Saved?”, Click here.

Istanbul All Day! Plus A Talk By My Turkish Convert Friend

Part One:

Part Two:

Pergamum all Day and Throne of Satan

Full day of tours and Seminar at Sea. Click here for excerpts of Fr. Steve’s Conversion Story.

Full day adventures below:

Steve’s Talk as runner with message from St. John at Pergamum. One correction, the Altar of Zeus is in Berlin Museum, not British Museum – sorry for the slip of the tongue.

Ephesus All Day: Mary's House, Ancient Sex Billboard, Rug Demonstration and more

Part One

Part Two

St. John's Exile on Patmos, "Seminar at Sea" and more

Great day celebrating Mass on the Greek island of Patmos. We also visited the cave of St. John the Apostle where received the revelation and wrote it down – the last book of the Bible.

In our daily “Seminar at Sea” Al Kresta gave his conversion story and Steve Ray gave his conversion story and we had a wonderful afternoon on the ship. Many spent the eveningand visiting the quaint Greek island of Syros.



From Ship in Athens to Tomb of St. Paul in Rome

From Athens to Rome

For Steve’s talk “St Paul’s Last Days” click here. For Fr. Mattson’s Homily  at the martyrdom side of St. Paul, click here.

Part Two as we visit the site of St. Paul’s martyrdom in the place of his burial.

Mass at St. Peter's, Chair of St.Peter's and more

Great day in Rome with lots of excitement, Mass at Saint Peters (homily), visiting St. John Lateran Church (Mother Church of the World), and much more. Enjoy!

Last Day in Rome: Pope, Holy Door, Caracombs, Farewells

Great final day of our St. Paul Pilgrimage Cruise. For Fr. Steve Mattson’s homily at the catacombs click here. For the whole day see the video below.

About the Pilgrimage

Saint Paul Pilgrimage Cruiseand “Seminar at Sea” with Steve Ray, Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta and Lansing Michigan’s Fr. Steve Mattson.

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