Upcoming 2019-2024 Pilgrimages

30 December 2020 to 31 December 2020

Like to Plan Ahead? Steve does too. Here’s a look ahead at scheduled pilgrimages so you can start planning. More will be added in 2021-2024.

All pilgrimages are open to the public unless otherwise indicated. We have 7 trips a year to Israel and 3-4 other trips as well.

Roughly every three years we do Lourdes & Fatima, Ireland, Poland, Guadalupe Mexico, Rome and Assisi, Saints and Shrines of Italy, France. We add Jordan as a pre-trip for Israel once a year. Every 2 years we do our St. Paul Mediterranean Pilgrimage Cruise and “Seminar at Sea”

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Feb 9-14: Jordan pre-trip
Feb 13-22: Holy Land  Teresa & Dominic Tomeo; Fr. Dan Good (SOLD OUT)
March 10-19: Holy Land (SOLD OUT)
May 8-17: Holy Land withFr. Seiker; one bus; SOLD OUT)
June 3-12: France: Saints & Shrines, including 75th Anniversary of D-Day (SOLD OUT)
Aug 21-30: Saints of Poland (with Al Kresta and Fr. Frans)
Sept 18-27: Holy Land exclusive for Legatus (SOLD OUT)
Oct 9-18: Holy Land open to public with N. Lieutenancy; one bus
Nov 13-22: Holy Land (KVSS Radio, all welcome)
Dec 3-12: Rome, Assisi, Lanciano and Manoppello
Dec 29-Jan 7: Family Christmas Holy Land (FUS; Fr. St. Andre)


Holy Land Part II with Jordan (offered only once every five years)
Feb.  7 -12:   Jordan 4 nights
Feb. 12-21: 4 nights Ron Beach + 5 nights Notre Dame = 9 nights

March 14-23: Holy Land exclusive to Legatus (HALF FULL)
April 20-29: Holy Land
May 26-June 4: Holy Land (with Fr. Chas Canoy)
June 16-24: Oberammergau (Play 6/19) (with Teresa Tomeo and Fr. Dan Good)
June 24-27: Rome Extension including Lanciano and Manoppello
Aug 11-19: Oberammergau (Play 8/14) (with Bishop James Conley)
Aug 19-22: Rome Extension including Lanciano and Manoppello
Sept 10-20: St. Paul Mediterranian Cruise & Pilgrimage “Seminar at Sea”
Sept 21-23?: Rome Extension including Lanciano and Manoppello
Oct 1-9: England: Saints, Scholars & Martyrs (one bus)
Oct 18-27: Holy Land
Nov 8-17: Holy Land with Atlanta Diocese
Dec 28-Jan 6, 2021: Holy Land Family Christmas Pilgrimage 


Jan 31-Feb 9: Holy Land
March 3-12: Holy Land
April 7-16: Holy Land
May 25-June 3: Holy Land
June: Lourdes & Fatima (need dates)
Aug 6-15: Ireland with Fr. Conlon and Batt Burns
Sept 16-21: Jordan Pre-trip
Sept 20-29; Holy Land
Oct 17-26: Holy Land
Nov: Mexico (with Teresa Tomeo; 1 bus)
Dec 27-Jan 5: Holy Land Christmas Family

2022 -11 trips

Jan 24-Feb 2: Holy Land
Feb 21-March 2: Holy Land
April 20-29: Holy Land
May 22-31: Holy Land
June: Poland
Sept early: St. Paul Mediterranean Pilgrimage Cruise
Sept 16-21: Jordan pre-trip
Sept 20-29: Holy Land
Oct 11-20: Holy Land
Nov 8-17: Spain: Saints & Shrines
Dec 28-Jan 6, 2023: Holy Land

Add, Lebanon?


Jan 25-Feb 3: Holy Land
Feb 15-24: Holy Land
March 18-23: Jordan Pre-trip
March 22-31: Holy Land
April: Italy: Saints and Shrines
May 17-26: Holy Land
June 5-14: Holy Land
Sept 11-20: Holy Land
Oct 17-26: Holy Land
Dec 27-Jan 5: Holy Land


Jan 31-Feb 9: Holy Land
Feb 28-March 8: Holy Land
Apr 17-26: Holy Land
May 15-24: Holy Land
Sept 4-13: Holy Land
Nov 13-22: Holy Land
Dec 28-Jan 6: Holy Land

Stayed tuned for more trips to be added for Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico-Guadalupe, Rome-Assisi, Shines of France, Egypt-Jordan, Lourdes & Fatima, Germany, Poland, England, France, Mediterranean Cruises and more…

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