Upcoming 2021-2025 Pilgrimages

Back in the Air! Join us in 2021 and beyond!

30 December 2022 to 31 December 2022

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Like to Plan Ahead? Steve does too. Here’s a look ahead at scheduled pilgrimages so you can start planning. More will be added in 2021-2025.

All pilgrimages are open to the public unless otherwise indicated. We have 6-7 trips a year to Israel and 3-4 trips to other destinations.

Roughly every three years we do Lourdes & Fatima, Ireland, Poland, Guadalupe-Mexico, Rome and Assisi, Saints and Shrines of Italy, France. We add Jordan as a pre-trip for Israel once a year. Every 2 years we do our St. Paul Mediterranean Pilgrimage Cruise and “Seminar at Sea”

Contact Corporate Travel Services at ‭866-557-2364‬  or  866-468-1420‬ or write to FootprintsOfGod@ctscentral.net



April 7-16: Holy Land
April 28-May 7: Holy Land
May 18-27: Fatima, Compostela, Loyola, Lourdes
Aug 6-15:
Ireland: Land of Saints and Martyrs

Sept 20-29: Holy Land
Oct 14-24: St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise

Nov 10-19:
Holy Land 

Dec 27-Jan 5: Holy Land Family 


Jan 24-Feb 2: Holy Land
Feb 21-March 2: Holy Land
April 20-29: Holy Land
May 22-31: Holy Land
June 14-22: Oberammergau
June 22-26: Rome Extension
Aug 9-17: Oberammergau

Sept 16-21: Jordan pre-trip
Sept 20-29: Holy Land
Oct-Nov: Saints and Shrines of Italy?
Nov 8-17: Holy Land
Dec 28-Jan 6, 2023: Holy Land


Jan 25-Feb 3: Holy Land
Feb 15-24: Holy Land
March 18-23: Jordan Pre-trip
March 22-31: Holy Land
April: Saints and Shrines of Spain or France
May 17-26: Holy Land
June 5-14: Holy Land
Sept 7-12 Jordan Pre-trip
Sept 11-20: Holy Land
Oct 17-26: Holy Land
Dec 27-Jan 5: Holy Land


Jan 31-Feb 9: Holy Land
Feb 28-March 8: Holy Land
Apr 17-26: Holy Land
May 15-24: Holy Land
Sept 4-13: Holy Land
Sept: St. Paul Cruise
Nov 13-22: Holy Land
Dec 28-Jan 6: Holy Land


January 22-31 Holy Land
February 15-20 (Jordan)
February 19-28 Holy Land
March 19-28 Holy Land
April 23-May 2 Holy Land
September 17-26 Holy Land
October 8-17 Holy Land
December28-January 6, 2026 Family Christmas Holy Land

Stayed tuned for more trips to be added for Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico-Guadalupe, Rome-Assisi, Shines of France, Egypt-Jordan, Lourdes & Fatima, Germany, Poland, England, France, Mediterranean Cruises and more…

Contact our Reservations Team at 866-557-2364, or write them at FootprintsOfGod@ctscentral.net.

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Brochure & Itinerary


Contact our Reservations Team at 866.557-2364 or footprintsofgod@ctscentral.net