Biblical Jordan & Petra (pre-trip to Israel)

27 January 2018 to 01 February 2018



Arrival in Amman Jordan, the Biblical Pilgrimage Begins...

Our pilgrims have arrived. There are 34 in this group. Last year we had 24 so the momentum is increasing.

This is a beautiful country, very free and Christians are able to celebrate their faith freely. Jordan is also full of biblical sites and beautiful churches. We will share them all with you through video over the next five days.

Here is a video of the arrival day 🙂

Jordan 2: Birthplace of Elijah, Roman Jerash, Wrestling with God and more

Lots of biblical sites covered on our first full day here in Jordan. We started with Mass way up in the mountains of Gilead in northern Jordan. The church is called Our Lady of the Mountain Church and one of my good friends, a Jordanian priest named Fr. Imad Twal celebrated the Mass for us today. His excellent homily is HERE.

Then to Mar Elias  which is the birthplace of the Prophet Elijah. I explained the life story of this prophet and it was rather fun for us since Janet and I had just finished filming the life of this great prophet  in the summer and I just finished writing the study guide for the movie which will be released in spring of 2018.

A great lunch while watching the authentic making of bread here in Jordan and then to the ancient city of Jerash which is actually mentioned in the Bible. Magnificent ruins, some of the best Roman ruins in the world.

The Jabbok River isone of my favorite places to take our groups in Jordan. No other pilgrim groups or tourists go there but it is a marvelous biblical site and I tell the whole story which you can see on a separate video HERE. Learn about Jacob the swindler and how he wrestled with God.

Then, back to Amman and our beautiful hotel for a couple of hours of free time for resting and then a good dinner and to bed and ready to drive to Petra tomorrow. Enjoy!

Jordan Day 3: With Moses on Mount Nebo, Imprisoned with John the Baptist and more

I am posting four videos today because it was a rich and full day here in Jordan. The first video will cover our visit to Mount Nebo where Moses looked out over the Promised Land for the first time and that’s where he died and was buried. We had Mass here.  For the excellent homily from Fr. Craig click HERE. Also our amazing lunch and our guides family restaurant where we ate the Upside Down Meal.

The second video is my short talk that I gave they’re explaining the site and the biblical meaning behind it all. It includes the bronze serpent and why Moses was for bidden to go into the land.

Steve’s Talk

The third video is the second part of our day today. We went to the Fortress of Machareus where King Herod put John the Baptist in Prison and where John the Baptist was beheaded.

Steve’s talk at the Fortress of Machareus.

Petra Jordan - Wow!

We got up early this morning to a beautiful sun rise over the mountains of Petra. Prominent was the Tomb of Aaron the Prophet from over 3000 years ago.

No one was disappointed with Petra. We spent a good bit of time wandering around thru the unprecedented gourge of colored sandstone and learning about it while admiring the breathtaking beauty and majesty. A lot of camel riding and exploration made it for a fun day. Enjoy The video.

We also had Mass at one of the most beautiful churches in my estimation. Not because of any ornate elegance but because of the marvelous paintings of all the miracles and events that took place in the Holy Land. You can hear Fr. Craig‘s family here.

Jordan Day 5: Baptism Site, Jordan to Israel

Busy day today for everyone. For our group traveling through Jordan we went to the authentic baptismal site of Jesus on the Jordan side. We celebrated Mass right on the edge of the river. Fr. Craig’s excellent homily is HERE.

I gave my talk “ Are You Born Again?“

And here are adventures and travels today from Amman Jordan to the authentic baptism site of Jesus to the border crossing into Israel and to our hotel in Tiberias Israel.

About the Pilgrimage

The full length Jordan Pilgrimage Video is below:

Jordan Pilgrimage February 2018 from Steve Ray on Vimeo.

(click on audio button bottom right for sound).

You can also watch the 1 hour video from our 2017 Jordan pilgrimage below.

Jordan Pilgrimage February 2018 from Steve Ray on Vimeo.
Watch the entire 1 hour pilgrimage video below, or download the HD video file onto a flash drive to watch on your widescreen TV.

Jordan Pilgrimage February 2017 from Steve Ray on Vimeo.

*Airfare:  New York to Amman, Jordan, returning from Tel Aviv, Israel
*Full accommodations in Jordan as follows: (3) nights in Amman and (1) night in Petra
*3 lunches and 4 dinners
*All meals, tips and costs included

Click on the image below and discover the foods of Jordan!

Click on the image and discover the foods of Jordan

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