Christmas 2019 in Holy Land for Families (SOLD OUT)

29 December 2019 to 07 January 2020

You can watch the full length Pilgrimage below or download it here.


Comments & Farewells from Jerusalem!

Enjoy all the final comments and farewells from this amazing group of families on our Family Christmas Holy Land Pilgrimage.

We do this same family pilgrimage over Christmas break every year.

It has a profound impact on young people and they’re not likely to lose their faith later on in life after having been immersed in the Land here with a truly Catholic pilgrimage.

About the Pilgrimage

To see the 90-minute video of a recent Christmas Family Pilgrimage, click here.

Christmas in the Holy Land is a unique experience. There are fewer tourists crowding the holy sites and the temperatures are cooler. Families and the young people all bond which adds to the whole pilgrimage experience.

For discounts for young people, see the brochure link below or call Miranda at ‭(866) 468-1420‬ or write

Everyone is welcome to join us!  This is a great experience for young people to get to know other young people who love the Lord and the Church. The interaction between the kids is quite amazing over these eight days.

Our priests have told us that many of the kids talk with them and they hear their confessions. They comment on the profound conversions that take place in the hearts and minds of the young people.

Christmas season in the Holy Land is remarkable. Believe it or not but the crowds are smaller, making access to holy sites easier and the temperatures are comfortable. This trip often has many families with their young people, which is great for families.

Steve and Janet have partnered with the same Roman Catholic Nazarene guide for all their trips over the last decade. Amer is a practicing Catholic and a walking encyclopedia. He is considered one of the finest guides in the Holy Land. Having a Christian guide is very important.

Our priest and chaplain is a returning favorite (fun and devout) from St. Francis of Assisi parish in Ann Arbor Michigan. He is one of Steve and Janet’s favorite homilists. He is GREAT with young people! His name is Fr. James Conlon.

You’ll enjoy Steve and Janet’s trusted hotels and delicious meals including some amazing dinner experiences away from the typical hotel buffets. Wine provided with all dinners along with a wide range of cuisines to experience the Holy Land to it’s fullest.

You will receive their 110-page color handbook, daily YouTube videos so your family and friends can join you virtually every day and a fully edited movie of your trip upon your return home.

Steve personally teaches at the holy sites and shares experiences from over 150 previous trips to Israel and other biblical lands since 1995. We do everything we can to support the local Christians who only make up 1.5% of the population.

Daily Mass at the most holy sites, pray every Mystery of the Rosary where it took place, pray the Stations of the Cross on the way to Mass at Calvary and the Tomb.