Holy Land Part 2 with Jordan Pre-trip, February 2020 (SOLD OUT)

07 February 2020 to 21 February 2020

You can watch the full length Pilgrimage below or download it here.


Good-bye Indefatigable Pilgrims: 13 Days thru Jordan & Israel: Comments & Farewells

We had a great 13 days together, 14 if you count the flight over. This was like a big Bible study visiting sites that most people never see in these biblical lands.

From the mountains of Gilead in the north of Jordan down through Amman and Madaba in the mountains of Moab south through the mountains of Edom to the amazing city of Petra.

Exploring the Jordan River where Elijah was assumed into heaven and Jesus was baptized,  across into Israel up to the far north of Galilee, along the Mediterranean Sea then through the mountains of Samaria and Judea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem as far south as the Abraham‘s tomb in Hebron.

We will plan another Holy Land 2 through Jordan and Israel again in a couple of years.

I hope you enjoy the final festivities and all the heartfelt comments and farewells.

About the Pilgrimage

All NEW SITES for those who have come with us on Holy Land Part 1. Exciting places few people ever see on trips to Israel. Lots of Old Testament locations and New Testament as well. We begin this trip with four days in Jordan–an amazing biblical country.

Map of the sites we visit in Jordan…


Dates and Pricing: The dates of February 7-21 include the pre-trip to Jordan and Israel II. The price on the brochure is for the Israel-only portion. Pricing for Jordan is in the small print — an additional $2,100.

Here is the itinerary:

Itinerary for Holy Land Part 2 Emphasizing Fellowship with the Local Christians*

Day 1 | February 7  Depart USA

Depart USA for Amman.

Day 2 | February 8  Arrive in Jordan | Amman

Arrival at Amman Queen Alia International Airport. You will be greeted upon arrival by Steve and Janet Ray and by our Jordanian Catholic guide Elias Khzuz. If time permits a panoramic tour of Amman (pending flight arrival time). Mass at Amman Peace Center. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Amman.

Day 3 | February 9  Anjara | Jerash | Jabbok River

Mass at the Our Lady of the Mountain Church in Anjara, a pilgrimage site. Tour the fantastic Roman city of Jerash, one of the best preserved Roman archaeological sites. Visit Mar Elias (Tishbe, the hometown of Prophet Elijah, 1 Kings 17:1). Lunch at local authentic restaurant. Visit Jabbok River where Jacob wrestled with the Angel. Back to Amman for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 | Feb. 10  Madaba | Jordan Valley | Machaerus | Petra

Drive to the mountain village of Madaba. Mass at Mount Nebo. Look out over the Jordan Valley and Israel like Moses did before he died here. See where Joshua crossed over the Jordan River. Visit St. George’s Church to see the famous Madaba “Holy Land Mosaic Map.” Themed lunch at Elias Khzuz’s family restaurant. Visit the mosaic factory and store. Drive to Petra. See Machaerus where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. Dinner and overnight in Petra.

Days 5 | February 11  Petra

Visit Petra all morning. Lunch at Petra. Transfer back to Amman and stop en route for Mass at the Our Lady of Peace Center with some of the most beautiful biblical art covering the walls. Dinner and overnight in Amman.

Day 6 | February 12  Bethany

Drive to Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan for Mass at the site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Visit site and the new Catholic Church being built. Continue on to Sheikh Hussein Bridge to cross into Israel. Drive to your hotel in Tiberias.

Day 6 | February 12  Arrival in Tiberias

Check-in to the hotel in Tiberias. Enjoy dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Tiberias. (D)

Day 7 | February 13  Golan Heights | Sea of Galilee | Kursi | Bethsaida | Chorazin | Tiberias

This morning we drive to the Golan Heights on the other side of the Sea of Galilee. Celebrate an outdoor Mass. We then descend to view the other place Jesus multiplied loaves and fish and where he walked on the water. From there to Kursi where Jesus healed the man of the Gadarenes plagued by unclean spirits. (Mark 5:21). Drive to Bethsaida (birthplace of Saint Peter and Andrew and Philip), the birthplace of Peter, Andrew and Philip (John 1:44, 12:21). In Bethsaida, we will have a light picnic lunch. Drive to Chorazin (Korazim) a city Jesus cursed and see a replica of the chair of Moses. Visit Katzrin for a walk through a restored Talmudic village. Visit the Yarden Winery for a tour and wine tasting. End the day with a fabulous dinner at Magdalena Restaurant. Night at hotel in Tiberias. (CB | L | D)

Day 8 | February 14  Sepphoris | Nazareth | Tel Megiddo | Nein | Tiberias

Drive to Sepphoris near Nazareth which once served as a center of Jewish religious and spiritual life in the Galilee. It is supposed that Joseph and Jesus helped build the city. Continue on to Nazareth to visit Angel Gabriel Greek Orthodox church. Visit the spring where Mary daily drew water. Visit Catholic Church of Annunciation. After local food for lunch in Nazareth, we will drive to Tel Megiddo. We will walk through the Tel and see the Gates of Solomon (1 Kings 9:15) and exit through a tunnel built by King Ahab. Our last stop today is the village of Nein for Mass where Jesus raised a widow’s son from the dead. Dinner and overnight in Tiberias. (CB | L | D)

Day 9 | February 15  Samaria | Shiloh | Sebaste | Tiberias

We will visit Samaria and the well where Jesus took the drink from the Samaritan woman (John 4). We will stop at Shiloh where Joshua placed the Ark of the Covenant in the tabernacle (Joshua 18:1). Proceed to Sabaste for a tour of King Ahab’s palace and tombs of Elisha and John the Baptist. We will celebrate Mass TBA. Return to Tiberias for dinner and overnight. (CB | L | D)

Day 10 | February 16  Acco | Murhaka | Caesarea Maritime | Jaffa | Jerusalem

Depart Galilee and travel to Jerusalem. Travel to Acco (Akko or Acre) to tour the impressive fortress remains where Christian Crusaders attempted to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims (1099-1291). Next, we drive to Mt. Carmel to visit the Cave of Elijah (1 Kings 18) and celebrate Mass at Murhaka, the mountain where the prophet Elijah called down fire from heaven. Continue to Caesarea Maritime, the Roman capital of Judea. Here St. Peter baptized Cornelius (Acts 10:24) and St. Paul was imprisoned for two years before he was sent to Rome (Acts 24:27). Travel to Jaffa where Peter healed Dorcas. Continue to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight. (CB | L | D)

Day 11 | February 17  Bethlehem | Hebron | Cave of Machpelah | Hebron | Jerusalem

Drive to Bethlehem and with time for shopping at a local Christian store. Mass with the Seminarians in the Bethlehem Seminary. Visit Elah Valley where David killed Goliath and learn how to sling a stone. Drive south to Hebron and see the Oaks of Mamre. Visit the Cave of Machpelah where Abraham is buried. Lunch in Hebron. In the afternoon we drive to the Herodian, a fortress of King Herod. On our way back stop at Milk Grotto if time allows. Shepherd’s Field, Beit Sahour and dinner and dance at the Grotto Restaurant. Overnight in Jerusalem. (CB | L | D)

Day 12 | February 18  Temple Mount | Bethany | Jericho | Jordan River | Jerusalem

Enter the Old City through the Dung Gate to Temple Mount above the Western Wall; location of the Temple until it was destroyed in 70 AD. The current location of the Moslem shrines of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Drive to Bethany for Mass where Jesus stayed with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Visit and go into the tomb of Lazarus. Drive to Jericho for tour and lunch. Walk along a portion of the Good Samaritan Road. Stop at the authentic baptismal site of Jesus at the Jordan River to renew our baptismal vows. Back to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight. (CB | L | D)

Day 13 | February 19  City of David | Pool of Siloam | Church of St. Stephen | Jerusalem

Early morning Mass at the Latin Patriarchate with the Bishop of Jerusalem (pending confirmation). Then take a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. Visit the cathedral dedicated to St. James, son of Zebedee and James the Less. Continue through the Jewish Quarter, the wall of Nehemiah, the City of David, the Springs of Gihon and walk through Hezekiah Tunnel (optional and as time allows). We will arrive at the Pool of Siloam (John 9). Visit the Garden Tomb for educational purposes. After lunch we will celebrate Mass at the Church of St. Stephen the Deacon. Dinner at the Wine and Cheese Restaurant atop the Notre Dame Hotel and overnight. (CB | L | D)

Day 14 | February 20  Holy Sepulchre | Return Flight

Early morning Mass at Church of Holy Sepulchre and tour. Nearby we will visit Pre-crucifixion Herodian Walls that prove Christ was actually crucified outside the city walls. Free afternoon. Transfer to the airport this evening for the return flight. (CB | L | D)

Day 15 | February 21  Return to the USA

Flights arrive back in the USA.

*This Planned Itinerary is tentative and may be changed at the last moment