Rome & Assisi: Immersed in Mercy – June 2016

19 June 2016 to 28 June 2016



First Day of our Rome Assisi Pilgrimage: Arrival and Drive to Medieval Assisi

Today everyone arrived safe and sound in the Rome Airport and we drove north to Assisi. We had a great day with Mass at the Church of San Francesco in the monastery. We had free time to explore the city and pray at his tomb. A great Italian dinner and then to bed for a busy day tomorrow.

Fr. Byran Hersey’s homily at Basilica of St. Francis

From Assisi to Rome

Today was a full second day and we had a wonderful itinerary. Mass at St. Clare’s in Assisi, a tour with a local guide who was a REAL believer whose brother is in seminary to be a priest. The “spirituality” of local guides is essential which is why we tolerate NO guide who is not a true believing Catholic.

I told Janet and my conversion story on the drive to Rome along with the Rosary and time for a nap ūüôā ¬†It was fun to see everyone’s eyes the first time they saw the Dome of St. Peter’s.

For Fr. Bryan Hersey’s homily today in the Church of St. Clare above her tomb, click here.

Enjoy the video of today and stay with us for our amazing days in Rome. Tomorrow we have the General Audience with the Pope  and lots more.

We Saw the Pope Up Close!

Although it was very hot today we all drank lots of water and had a great day. We started with the General Audience with the Pope and got some great shots. One on our young pilgrims even got a KISS from the Pope.

Then we took a marvelous CATHOLIC tour thru the Roman Forum and Coliseum with our guide Liz Lev before Mass at the Church of St. Peter in Chains where we could see the chains of St. Peter’s from the prison in Jerusalem and Rome.

For Fr. Hersey’s homily, click here. Great day. Enjoy!

Tombs of Apostolic Fathers for Mass, Holy Door at Mother Church of the World...

Everyone who knows me knows me knows I love the Apostolic Fathers. Mass at the tomb of both Sts. Ignatius of Antioch and Clement of Rome — both of whom personally knew the Apostles and had their “words still ringing in their ears” — is always a thrill for me and our groups. For Fr. Hersey’s homily, click here.

Also today we went through TWO Holy Doors, the first at the Mother Church of Rome and of the whole world which has the Chair of St. Peter and the second the first church built to honor Mary — and Bethlehem.

Much more including a tour of the Swiss Guards Barracks and a slide presentation by Liz Lev about the Sistine Chapel to prepare our group for tomorrow’s tour. Enjoy!!

Mass with St. John Paul II, Tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Great day today. Mass at the altar of St. JPII, tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, then St. Peter’s Basilica. It was hot today so we gave everyone the afternoon off to swim, stay cool and explore Rome.

Beheading of St. Paul, Catacombs, and Tomb of Paul Today: Great Day 6 of Rome Pilgrimage

We started out at Tre Fontone where St. Paul was beheaded. Very few people have visited this marvelous location where there is still original Roman Road Paul walked to his death. I gave my overview of the life of St. Paul.

Then to St. Paul Outside the Walls where the bones of Paul are — second largest church! Then to Church of St. Sebastian for Mass. For Fr. Hersey’s homily, click here.

Spectacular lunch with wine on the Via Appia Antica under the vines with the turtles. Following we had a tour of the catacombs and some free time late in the afternoon. Enjoy!

Free Day today in Rome, No Video except for Morning Mass

No video today since everybody went in their own direction discovering and seeing and eating wherever  and whatever they wanted. There are wonderful cafés and restaurants on every corner and over 800 churches in Rome alone. Excitement was in the air!

But here is a short video of our early-morning mass and father Hersey’s homily especially for all those back home in Everett Washington.

Final Day: Walking through Rome, Great Discoveries, Martyrdoms and Relics

IMG_3296What a great last day for a marvelous pilgrimage. First video is our Mass at the Martyrs Church where I gave a talk on martyrdom and persecution.

Then to the relics from Jerusalem. After I took the group on a walking tour of some of the best sites and churches around Piazza Navona.

For Fr. Bryan’s final pilgrimage homily, click here.

This last video is our final hours together. Last dinner, speeches, farewells and hugs, blessings and ….

About the Pilgrimage

This is a marvelous pilgrimage to celebrate the Year of Mercy and to receive all the blessings and graces available in this Jubilee Year. We will visit all the highlights of both Ancient Rome and Christian Rome.

You will enjoy our extraordinary Catholic guide (and a great friend of Steve Ray’s). Watch this video to get a sense of her passion and knowledge as she explains the Sistine Chapel.

We will also visit Assisi which is a walled medieval city of stunning beauty.

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