3 Jordan Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Machaerus & Petra

by Steve Ray on November 7, 2022

Everyone knows what a Bucket List is. Well, today a lot of folks checked off a big item on their Bucket List, which was visiting Petra. Actually, we just arrived late this evening, but tomorrow morning is the walk back into the exotic and unbelievably beautiful city of Petra built out of rock.

But before we arrived there, we drove to Mount Nebo where Moses looked out over the land after his people Israel had been exiled for 440 years in Egypt. He died there. Lots more about that in the movie.

Then we went to the biblical city of Madaba to see the ancient mosaic map of the holy Land, visiting a Mosaic shop and factory and eating lunch at our guide’s boutique restaurant which is one of the finest in the country and patronized by discerning foreign tourists. Wait till you see the “Upside Down” lunch we ate with a locally brewed beer by a Christian entrepreneur.

Then to Herod’ Fortress of Machaerus, where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. Then the interesting drive through the deserts of southern Jordan to arrive at Petra, where we checked into our Marriott Hotel and had a great dinner. Enjoy!

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