9 Israel: Bethlehem All Day!

by Steve Ray on November 13, 2022

On our way to Bethlehem I shared all the levels of history of that city from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob until today. Fabulous history in layers like a birthday cake.

We started out at the Nativity Gift store, which is bright and beautiful with the finest of Christian-made local products, especially olive wood and Jerusalem crosses. From there to the Church of Nativity, where we stood in line while Amer explained the intriguing history of the church, and everyone touched the birthplace of Christ in the grotto below.

Then we had a delicious shawarma lunch. Mass in the caves followed, where the shepherds heard the good news from the angels out in Shepherds Field. Always a favorite for our folks having Mass in a cave. I gave my talk “The Story of Salvation History from Adam and Eve Until Today” overlooking Jerusalem.

Then to the Grotto Restaurant, where we ate a whole lamb, like the Passover lamb, along with lots of salads and wine, and then we had the young Christian Dabka dancers put on a traditional dance for us and then everyone came up to join and dance with them.

Lots of fun. Then back to cross the checkpoint to our hotel in Jerusalem.



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