A Prudential Decision made by St. Paul Applied to Covid Vaccines

by Steve Ray on February 11, 2022

I’d like to share a few thoughts on the covid vaccine since we are resuming our pilgrimages to Israel and other biblical and Catholic sites.

Most countries, including Israel are currently mandating the vaccine as a prerequisite to enter the country. We will need to inform pilgrims that at this time they will need proof of being fully vaccinated.

We will also inform them that it is the best possible time to visit the Holy Land without the crowds and long lines, with more time for prayer and immersion in the holy sites.

I found what I think to be an interesting biblical parallel about us making prudential judgments to lead people through the Holy Land even under these current conditions. We have no doubt of our calling to lead pilgrimages and the great good it does for pilgrims—all the deeply spiritual effects it has on pilgrims.

First, in 49 A.D. the Apostles gathered together for a council in Jerusalem which is recorded in Acts 15. It was a contentious gathering with some insights gained from the books of Acts and Galatians.

The council debated the issue of circumcision and whether the surgery was necessary for salvation among the Gentiles. The Council of Jerusalem declared against the surgical mandate.

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