All Day in Bethlehem and Visiting NEW SAINT’S Convent

by Steve Ray on May 16, 2015

Great Day of touring Bethlehem and all its glory and fun, including dancing. Enjoy!

By the way, Miriam of Jesus Crucified is being canonized in Rome Sunday. She is a Palestinian Christian we all visited her convent today and all wore her cloak and prayed at her relics. WOW!

Article on the new Arab saints.

All Day in Bethlehem – Visiting a new saint

Deacon Thaddeus’ Homily at Shepherds Field


  • Kevin says:

    The Dancing after eating the Passover Lambs was a festive sight! Wearing the Cloak of the stigmated Now Saintly Palestinian Nun gave me chills up my spine.

    Thanks to Deacon Thaddeus for sharing Divine Love to give us Hope…at Shepherds Field

    It is amazing Today to see Strong practicing Catholics in USA genuinely Afraid of our Government and the Liberal militants attacking God Loving Americans. It is as if the Devil is leading our Nation in deceit of the Righteous! EVIL is Mainstream and the LIGHT is daily spat upon with glee!
    Please help us LORD a nation confused and sinful to YOUR Way!

    Thanks for Sharing Steve..

  • Stephanie Stuhldreher says:

    We love watching you travel through the Holy Land and can’t wait to hear all about your fantastic journey when you (safely) return home!

    Love Always,
    Sandy & Steph

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