All Day in Bethlehem – Glory to God in the Highest!

by Steve Ray on November 1, 2011

Part 1:

Part 2:


  • Melanie Love says:

    Saw Mom and Dad (Frank and Dianne Ferry) shopping for olive wood art. Hope it doesn’t spoil a Christmas present! Enjoyed watching Mom kick up her heels. Dad, why were you a wallflower? You know how to cut a rug! So glad you’re enjoying yourselves. Happy Baptism Day, Dad. Love, Melanie, Katie Beth, and the rest of the Family

  • Lisa Hamrick says:

    Happy Feasts of All Saints and All Souls to the Rays and all of the pilgrims! Thank you Steve for all of your loving care in creating and posting the videos each day of the pilgrimage, so that those of us at home can participate more fully in spirit! It’s really been a special blessing lately to have two videos each day! I have had friends make this journey on two of your past pilgrimages and I followed along then with the videos. Yet, the experience this time has been very meaningful and joyful and moving for me as a very special friend is making the journey with you this time. I’ve stowed away in her backpack, so I hope she won’t get tired of spiritually carrying me around with her as you move about in all the holy places! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so united to a place or experience so very far away, and your videos have helped greatly to magnify my own virtual and spiritual pilgrimage with all of you!

    As you journey these next few days and absorb the holiness of all the sacred places where Heaven so visibly touched earth, may each of you draw ever closer to the realities of our Faith, so that you can bring Jesus in a renewed way to all those whom you will touch throughout your lives! May Our Blessed Mother grant that all of the graces and blessings of pilgrimage be showered upon you, Steve and Janet, and to all of your pilgrims!!!
    Having now seen with your own eyes what Jesus viewed on earth, may you now have the Lord’s vision! Having now lived, breathed, shared meals, laughed and cried together in the land Jesus loved so very much, may you now have the Lord’s heart! And, having walked yourselves in the very land where Jesus lived out His earthly presence, may you now carry the Lord’s light and presence throughout the world!

    Lisa Hamrick
    San Francisco

  • j. williams says:

    I am really enjoying my “adventure” along with the group. Thanks be to God for the blog. I really have enjoyed all the sites – the pictures are clear and very beautiful – the audio is clear and understandable. I love listening to the “pilgrims” talk – and seeing my friends that are on the trip is awesome. The woman that is with Joe Marmion is certainly beautiful – thanks again Mr. Ray for hosting this trip and recording it for us to see who are not able to accompany the group – praying for you and the group as you walk where HE walked that you will come away with a new awareness of how awesome our Saviour really is.

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