Assisi Day on Beatification Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on April 30, 2011

Family and Friends of the Pilgrims: Please leave greetings and messages in the Comment Box below and I will read them aloud each day on the bus!

Our day trip to Assisi in Umbria Italy went wonderfully! No comments from me necessary; you can see and hear for yourself with the videos.


Part II


  • Diana Trammell says:

    I’m not sure this will work…Lorraine, you know I am technically challenged. WHAT FUN watching so far. Woody is also helping me look for you and Nancy. I was so worried for awhile; had seen Lorraine,but not your travel buddy. I hope you get to share with Steve about our study group. I AM SO EXCITED to get to watch some of your adventure. GOD BLESS ALL of you this very holy time for our Church. YOU ALL look great. This comes across very clear. Bye for now. We are praying for everyone who has traveled…and our faithful membership at home as well.. ENJOY !

  • Chad Mudd Family says:

    Hi Mudd Bugs and Fr. Arturo Lozano! All of us in Sweetlake are wowed and touched by your journey thus far. We cannot imagine how amazing it must be THERE because the view from this computer is AMAZING!!! It was TOO fun seeing you guys on camera for the intros…good job to the youngest ladies on the bus! WINK! 🙂 God bless you all and your spiritual pilgrimage. We send our love and prayers… +++

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